dancing that’s all

dancing that’s all
Originally uploaded by d nelson

Easy to dance in the pure land of high Rocky Mountains and clean, thin air. Nice to see so many friends from the fourfold sangha come together during a beautiful retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh. We enjoyed practicing together, a thousand or more of us. Eating, walking, sitting, singing and yes, dancing.

In gratitude I would like to thank friends on the path who have supported my practice in the past and present. Especially my dear friend Karen Hilsberg and dear brother Phap Tri. As I was honored to receive the 14 mindfulness trainings from Thay, given the Dharma name, Truly Holding Equanimity. May I have the strength and stability to offer loving kindness and compassion for all beings during the rest of this sweet, short life.

I believe my video, “Each of My Steps is a Prayer”, about our pilgrimage across Vietnam with Thich Nhat Hanh will be available at the upcoming retreats in Deer Park thanks to Karen. I’m glad I had copies available for friends in Plum Village and Estes Park. I won’t be able to attend in Deer Park. I believe that Parallax Press will make it available after the retreat, thanks to Travis.

Sending smiles from the pure land,

wherever I am,



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