Challenging & Wonderful 21 day Plum Village retreat

Thich Nhat Hanh

Just returned home from a challenging and wonderful retreat in Plum Village, about an hour east of Bordeaux, France with Thây and the sangha. Feeling much more stable and happy than before the journey. Above Thây sits with friends on the deck at his upper hamlet hut.  Dharma talks are posted on the Plum Village website. I posted my retreat images on and a couple new videos on Breathing and smiling, here’s Plum Village Hamlets celebrating 30 years of meditation, happiness, harmony & healing clip below:

3 Replies to “Challenging & Wonderful 21 day Plum Village retreat”

  1. I badly want to go on a retreat one day… when I have time to figure out that spirituality thing. Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

    1. It is quite wonderful to participate in a retreat that nourishes heart and mind. The easiest way for many of us to have a “mini retreat” and get in touch with our spirituality, our connection with what supports our existence, is to walk in nature. Breathe with the breeze, watch trees sway at the branches and stay firm at their trunk. Listen to the birds. Lay on the ground and feel the earth supporting. After awhile, fresh and new just like on retreat. Wishing you success.

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