Happy Cowboy Releases Cows at Deer Park

After a wonderful visit to Deer Park meditation center, happy cowboy has returned home, rested, lighter, and with fewer cows in his corral. Within the next day or two, retreat photos will be posted along with interesting adventure stories.

Breathing and smiling
is good multi-tasking.

Above is the happy place cowboy tune recorded at last year’s Deer Park retreat, and performed again this year for the B in.

Releasing Cows (as told by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh)

One day the Buddha was sitting in the wood with thirty or forty monks. They ate an excellent lunch and were enjoying the company of each other. There was a farmer passing by hurriedly and he was very unhappy. He asked the Buddha and the monks whether they had seen his cows passing by. The Buddha said they had not seen any cows passing by.

The farmer said, “Monks, I’m so unhappy. I have twelve cows and I don’t know why they all ran away. I have also a few acres of a sesame seed plantation and the insects have eaten up everything. I suffer so much I think I am going to kill myself.

The Buddha said, “My friend, we have not seen any cows passing by here. You might like to look for them in the other direction.”

So the farmer thanked him and ran away, and the Buddha turned to his monks and said, “My dear friends, you are the happiest people in the world. You don’t have any cows to lose. If you have too many cows to take care of, you will be very busy and worried.

“That is why, in order to be happy, you have to learn the art of cow releasing. You release the cows one by one. In the beginning you thought that those cows were essential to your happiness, and you tried to get more and more cows. But now you realize that cows are not really conditions for your happiness; they constitute an obstacle for your happiness. That is why you are determined to release your cows.”


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