Real Citizens, United (at the beach)

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Just imagine if the supreme law of our land granted the same sacred rights & freedoms for corporations and money as it does for its citizens. Sounds like an unjust code for any society to me. Today at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach a thousand citizens united to literally spell out a concern for justice across our land. The Supreme Court’s ruling a couple of years ago that corporations and money have the same rights as citizens has many doubting the ethics and fairness of that decision. We are clearly seeing the results in massive sums of money flowing into the political campaign “war chests” and other spheres of influence. From NPR’s Secret Donors story. I am inspired to take part in an action today having  read Good Citizens: Creating Enlightened Society, by  Thich Nhat Hanh, where he lays out the foundation for an international solidarity movement based on a shared sense of compassion, mindful consumption, and right action.

From the “other 98%” website: “The 2010 Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United trampled on America’s founding principles, swamped our democracy in corporate cash and needs to be overturned,” said Brad Newsham, the San Francisco cab-driver who organized today’s event. “Some truths are so self-evident that the Founders felt no need to mention them. Truths like, ‘Corporations are NOT People.’ ‘Money is NOT Speech.’ ‘Elections are NOT Auctions.’” continued Newsham. “But in the shadow of Citizens United, we all have to step up and protect America’s sacred principles. That’s why over a thousand of us came out today to make this beautiful, people-powered statement: ‘DUMP CITIZENS UNITED!’”

“By defining corporations as people and money as speech, the Supreme Court has undermined ‘government of, by and for real people,’” said John Sellers, co-founder of The Other 98%, the organization behind today’s event. “Thanks to Citizens United, the biggest and worst corporations are now engaged in a hostile takeover of our nation’s political system,” said Sellers.

It is heartening that other strangers are willing to come together as good citizens for our collective well-being, and that of our children’s children. Hopefully this postcard image of SF will be a little inspiration for others to become good and informed citizens about issues of importance.


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