Fantastic Fall Pedal

fall bikeride
fall bikeride

Feeling toasty under the blanket this morning, open to whatever today offered. With the fresh, unheated room on my face, between sheets seemed nice for a few extra moments. Daylight on the walls I’m reminded of a morning poem by Thây;

“waking up this morning I smile
24 brand new hours ahead of me
I vow to go through it in mindfulness and
look upon all beings with the eyes of compassion.”

Sitting meditation was quiet and peaceful. Then a hot café latte and quick glance at the news. Lance Armstrong stripped of 7 Tour de France titles and a decision not to award victories to any other rider. Sad feeling for cycling arises. Without hesitation I decided on a bike ride as soon as I could get ready. Was an easy choice given the perfect temperature and beautiful fall colors emerging from foliage and falling leaves. A glorious environment to be immersed in, a beautiful moment to be alive.

Pumped up the road bike’s tires to 100psi, clipped on the helmet and went off towards a wonderful nearby canyon, country road frequented by cyclists. With each breath I felt relaxation in my body, thoughts and feelings. Cycling meditation with 3 or 4 pedal revolutions per in and out breath. Traffic very light and considerate. Slowly climbing the hills, winding around the corners. Horses, barns, oak trees and grassy hills blur by.

Having happy legs and fresh breaths was a generous reward for this ride. A bonus to have mind gladdened and heart feeling light and free. So counter to the cycling news read earlier, it was a wonderful fair weather day to cycle. Wishing happy cycling to all those who chose to ride today for business or pleasure. Everyday is a good day to cycle, like these friends and strangers in Amsterdam:

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