SF Green Festival Planting & Harvesting Seeds of Hope

dancing for seabirds, closing "truth about plastics" presentation
dancing for seabirds, “truth about plastics” presentation

Aspiring wellness for all, now and into the future, while engulfed in a large crowded exhibition center filled with like-minded spirits felt like wind in my sails. Such was my inspired weekend in SF at the Green Festival. Thousands came out to learn about green products, processes and actions for a sustainable economy. Powerful talks and presentations from Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben, Winona LaDuke and others brought home the message to me and others that the time is now and no one is going to do it for us. It’s up to us. And we can do it.

Enjoyed some of the green product samples, especially the fair trade chocolate and organic fruits and vegetables. Impressed with innovative entrepreneurs of clothing, home improvement and tools of resilience. Human spirit moving towards harmony with nature.

Embracing difficulties we listened to obvious and hidden truths. Bill McKibben emphasizing the rogue nature of oil corporations whose actions of exploration and production continue significantly jeopardizing the complex systems which support all life; climate change in the name of profit. Winona LaDuke sharing success at re-introducing indigenous corn and squash crops which have withstood drought, whereas Monsanto seed crops had widespread regional failure. She expressed Native wisdom of considering action’s karma for 7 generations afterwards. Imagine this world 7 generations from now. It was nice to thank Winona afterwards and share a moment about my years living on reservations.

Amy Goodman signing books
Amy Goodman signing books by d nelson

Amy Goodman spoke clearly of climate change and how it is being ignored by politicians and corporate-controlled media. It takes a superstorm to bring the topic forward. She emphasized the potential of truthful and compassionate media as a tool for peace and not the weapon of war it has been throughout much of our lives. We have, by and large, become a silenced majority, the name of her recent book. But out of our silence we can change the situations of violence, inequality and ecology. Creating independent and unbiased reporting of what is happening, allowing the truth to set us free, just as they aim for at Democracy Now. Amy went on about the history of movements that matter in the last century; labor, workers rights, civil rights, environmental protection. It is the duty of concerned citizens to speak out, to be the antagonists that empower politicians to do the right thing. Just as A. Phillip Randolph was to FDR, Martin Luther King was to LBJ, who will help Obama be great by doing the right thing? Occupy, the 99% or perhaps their offspring? It was humbling hearing her last quote. When asked about Western Civilization, Gandhi replied, “that is a good idea.”

Bill McKibben speaks to a full house
Bill McKibben speaks to a full house by d nelson

The Green Festival was a wonderful place to experience, with many others, what is right and wrong in our thinking and ways of being. Breathing in, I experience the loving, resilient nature of others. Breathing out, I smile.

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