For the Welfare of All – Joanna Macy, Bhikkhu Bodhi & Pannavati Karuna

Gratitude for these teacher’s reminders that, while mindfulness and the deep well of dharma practices cultivate personal health, their full benefit & implementation manifests with our acting for the well-being of all. Putting sacred wisdom into action.

This panel was held in Berkeley, CA and sponsored by Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

The full 90 minute discussion is here:

Joanna shares active hope
Joanna shares active hope by Aneeta

3 Replies to “For the Welfare of All – Joanna Macy, Bhikkhu Bodhi & Pannavati Karuna”

  1. I loved the video, especially the beginning where they talk about how a lot of Buddhist just meditate and then feel good about themselves without actually doing anything about the suffering in the world. I believe most religions have this problem including my own Unitarian Universalism.

    1. Yes, ecojhb, that is the dilemma of humanity. Fortunately there are wise teachers and many taking right actions. Hopefully there will be enough efforts made for a future to be possible.

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