It’s beginning to feel like that time of year

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When I was young I believed that, despite how difficult and ugly life appeared, things would get better eventually. Even if they had to continue getting worse first, then get better. After waiting and waiting, I found Zen and stopped waiting. Well, that’s a short children’s story version. So in the here and now I’m experiencing that this is both the best and worst of times, simultaneously. At least that’s my idea, and perhaps some living beings might agree, and others not. Moments of true wonder and happiness, simply seeing the blue sky, the smile of a friend or even a stranger. Moments of heartbreak seeing so many struggling in their lives, either right before me walking down the street or at the market, or in the parade of horrible, violent news stories. Moments of enjoying simple, personal insights, moments of wondering what a society would be like with wise, compassionate leadership. Imagine Gross National Happiness replacing the paper’s business section. It seems wonderful and awful at any given moment in my perception of the world and inside my thoughts. Well at least that is what comes to mind after sitting alone and meditating, a month into trying to heal from bronchitis, cough, cough. But good fortune has me inside, warm, dry, well fed and feeling that I belong somewhere. This year has had its ups and downs but I am grateful that no one is shooting at me, at least with bullets. My heart goes out to those who mostly suffer in every moment.

For this holiday season, and all the days that follow, a wish that we are all taken care of, offering care to those in need:

May all be well. May all be safe and cared for. May all be happy and free of anger. May all have a voice, if only unto their own heart.


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