Dedicated to a friend: I’m Not Gone

Gonna take us all to make a change
Take us all to win the peace
It’s gonna take us all in the streets
Gonna take us all ~ Jon Fromer

An inspirational friend helps us know our own happiness inside, where sadness seemed entrenched. They support our letting go of the small sense of self we get stuck in, and achieving our higher potential. This friend could be one we have known our whole life, or we crossed paths only momentarily. People such as Gandhi & Martin Luther King, Jr.are inspirational, great friends to us all.  Growing up without a father challenged me to find male role models for direction, encouragement and support. I’m grateful that in situations where feelings and thoughts were difficult, miraculously a voice eventually offered help, words provided guidance, a hand offered comfort.

This post is dedicated to a friend to workers, to the underemployed and unemployed. A singer who inspired hope for social justice and freedom. He played for devoted fans in concert halls and clubs, but he also lifted spirits in union halls, churches and, over the years, at thousands of picket lines, marches and rallies going back to his participation as a teenager in the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama for voting rights. His name is Jon Fromer. Through his music and those he inspired, Jon is still present.

Hali Hammer, a Berkeley folk singer befriended by Jon, wrote a beautiful tribute song. While mindfully producing this music video for her, I imagined Jon, as well as faces and deeds of benefactors who offered me kindness and wisdom, and are now departed. It’s a fine tribute song; about 3 and a half minutes. I hope you like it. On the shoulders of others, we stand, to humbly breathe with gratitude at this precious moment.

What are the names of relatives and/or friends who truly offered support and guidance in your life; that close friend, that spiritual friend or teacher, what would you say or sing to them right now? Since they live on in our heart, I imagine them replying, “I’m not gone.”

sandpipers soaring over the south bay
sandpipers soaring over the south bay

Hali’s chorus to I’m not gone:

When you can’t escape the feeling that you have to do what’s right
That the world, it needs our healing That the world, it needs our light
When you have to go the distance When you have to right those wrongs
I will be there singing with you – I’m not gone, no I’m not gone
I’m not gone, no I’m not gone – I’m not gone, no I’m not gone

More about Hali & Jon at:

5 Replies to “Dedicated to a friend: I’m Not Gone”

  1. Bugger BUGGAR – this is the second time tonight I can’t play a video. I wonder if it’s my mac?

    Great write, but would love to hear you singing. Next time, I guess! But looks good 🙂

  2. I would sing to my sister who always believed in me and never let me down. She would do anything to help me, even with her own troubles. “Everythings gonna be alright, don’t you worry my dear. For all you have done for the world, your smile will carry on.”
    Great site! I will be back.

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