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  1. I am the girl in front with the blond hair and ‘peace’ shawl’…one described me as in terrible pain. True, my son was killed and I am dealing with a very tough 18 year old. I was a teacher/Case Manager at the UofArizona Integrative Medicine, worked with Duke Duncan MD, ran clinics for torture survivors and also taught at a very rough high school in Biology. Struggling coming home but trying to put into practice that which I learned. I have a long way to go.

    1. Beverly, Sorry to hear of the loss and trauma in your life. It’s wonderful we could experience to mindfulness workshop together. I have found mindfulness and important tool for healing, myself. Having support from sangha, friends and even professionals were also necessary at first. Wishing you success in your aspiration to heal and experience the wonders of life and conditions of happiness available in the present moment. david

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