Blooming for our buds


blooming-for-our-buds ~d nelson

Happy teachers will change the world ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I can imagine where I would be, perhaps where many of us would be, without good teachers -under a rock, trying to figure out how to get from underneath it and make a fire to warm up;-).

From visits to a thousand primary and secondary classrooms, I’m aware that teachers are diligently educating on academics, while also allocating a significant amount of time teaching and modeling social and ethical skills. My heart goes out to their courageous efforts. It’s now wonderful that over the past decade large numbers of teachers have integrated the tool of mindfulness into their personal lives and classrooms. Hundreds of scientific studies in healthcare and educational settings have shown the positive impact of mindfulness training on a number of mental and physical conditions. Teachers beautifully blooming for our buds.

The ancient tradition of mindfulness increasingly is now used in business, the military, education settings, as well as retreat centers, as a life skill. Younger and older students use mindfulness to feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; to get along better with others; to help them concentrate and learn better; help them cope with stress and anxiety; and do better academically, as well as in sports and music.

In my post on the heart of education is a summary of this year’s Mindfulness in Education (MIEN) conference.  Clips of all 4 speakers and a panel discussion can now be viewed on the Mindfulness in Education site: .

Here’s one of the speakers, Sam Himelstein, a psychologist who teaches mindfulness to
incarcerated youth, describing the skillful means he employs in working with his clients.


blooming-for-the-buds ~d nelson

On a related note: I’m just finishing my obligation to file and pay taxes. Knowing that at least some of the money goes to education and other valuable endeavors that are of benefit, I do my duty and file honestly. My hope is for a future where more people will become mindful and abide collectively with just and ethical actions. That we can live more fearlessly, in harmony, and sustainably with each other and the environment. That tax revenues pay for beneficial goods and services that bring peace, and increase the likelihood that a future is possible for living beings. And, regarding taxes, that all pay their fair share, especially the wealthy and big corporations. As this Dutch documentary, The Tax Free Tour, clearly shows, not all pay their fair share.  Every school child exposed to mindfulness would know that it is not right for some to always be on a tax holiday.


11 thoughts on “Blooming for our buds


    My husband and I woke up this morning talking about teachers and how underpaid and under-respected they are. He told me of the Finnish who reward their teachers, knowing that what they do will effect so many and can make or break a society in need of creativity to function in this world. Let us work to support our teachers.instead of scapegoating them for the ills of the society. Thanks for your blog, David!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment, Elise! I’m with you. Hopefully we continue moving in the direction of teaching with heart. Our world needs so much compassion and love.

  2. nothingprofound

    Lovely posts, full of heart and compassion. We need a system which implicitly cares more about people than profits and money. Where the fruit of our labor is not personal aggrandizement, but a better life for all.

  3. ♡eM

    I read your post recently, and I’m now listening to the speaker while I sip my green tea. Thanks, SmileCalm. I appreciate your posts, and your intentions, and your teachings.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thank you for being so generous with your kindness, eM. We are doing our best to care for ourselves and others. I imagine you smiling to life at this moment. Be well.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      You’re very kind to nominate me for this award, soulmagnitude. I hold your recognition dearly, and will sit with it before acting. May all nominees and those not nominated be winners, all the same.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      You’re very kind to nominate me for this award, Julianne Victoria. I, will sit with this honor, holding it in my heart before acting. May all nominees and those not nominated be winners, all the same.


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