Hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman, here’s my love letter!

When we come into contact with the other person, our thoughts and actions should express our mind of compassion, even if that person says and does things that are not easy to accept. 

We practice in this way until we see clearly that our love is not contingent upon the other person being lovable. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Ukiah post office for sale
Ukiah post office for sale

I’m grateful for love letters received. Memories of finding a friendly looking envelope in the mailbox addressed to me. Sometimes with cute drawings. More than once heavily scented. Sweet words of love hand scripted from the beloved’s heart. And I’ve written letters of love, myself. Humbly trying to express deep feelings of connection and gratitude. Thank you for being in my life at this time. Writing it down. Licking the envelope. Putting a stamp on it and mailing it. Then being as patient as possible before it arrives. A sweet secret, then surprise. Hoping it gives the right impression. Tenderly watering seeds of happiness and compassion.

Is this offering of one to another become too old-fashioned? I suppose it’s easier to send a text or e-mail. Perhaps there are tweet love letters, less than 124 characters each. Maybe some send love letters on Facebook. I’m told its possible to send out love letters to all or your thousands of Facebook friends at once. If that is happening I hope people are not reading them while driving.

Berkeley post office protest
Berkeley post office protest

It’s sad to think that someday soon it may not be possible to send a real love letter, that’s if post office’s keep getting closed. A service citizens have received throughout this country’s history. It’s nice to hand deliver a card, but sometimes the beloved is far away and our love letter must be mailed. They say it will all be privatized. All for profit.  I feel solidarity with those who are trying to save post offices despite the trend to close them. Here is a story about the failed effort to keep the old post office open in Ukiah.

Friends in Berkeley offer a familiar tune with new words to try to save their historical building from the auction block.

May we all give and receive all the love letters needed for happiness and well-being.

berkeley-times PO
berkeley-times PO

9 Replies to “Hey, wait a minute Mr. Postman, here’s my love letter!”

  1. Postage is not going to privatize. Shipping costs are too outrageous. Shipping is going to beocme a free service. The only thing that will privatize is stationery and packaging. Postage will be free. Postage is the actual shipping/ delivery. If that pisses off UPS that is just too damn bad. They can keep their packaging stores. The outrageous cost of shipping prevents sending not only letters but pachages even outside of holidays. The cost as become unhealthy commerece making.

    1. Thanks for offering some insight. Hopefully postage will be free. Also hope we all will be free to send love letters to those who need them.

  2. Letters and cards are precious treasures, especially when they carry words of love. Yes, let’s hope we will find a way to continue giving people the opportunity to send their words of love to far away places.

    1. The world would be sadder without a reasonable way to have love letters delivered. Now if bills and advertisements were no longer delivered I may not be so sad:-)

  3. Not sure if it’s old-fashioned to use paper written mail to express thoughts to a Person Close to you. I could very much relate to your thoughts of how precious the writing of letters is. While I am also a big fan of emailing, I am still cherishing the time to read letters and write letters, and postcards and send some home-made things to a person I care about. This is so you unique. You not only giving a letter someone, you also gave a part of your time as a gift, the time you took to handwrite it, to go the post office and post it. Thank you very much for this post!

  4. My husband and I learned about each other, and maybe even feel in love, through letters when. We lived on opposite sides of the country. I’m not sure we would be married today if we hadn’t bared our souls to each other in those long, personal letters.

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