Getting Up on the Bright Side of the Bed

beautiful Tortoise on the bright side

beautiful Tortoise on the bright side ~d nelson

Slowly I rolled over and got up on the bright side of the bed this afternoon, well actually, the massage table. So wonderfully relaxed in this body. While the humble Chinese man’s experienced hands found and worked acupressure points, I followed the in and out breaths with a smile. Breathing in, feeling pressure along the shoulder-blade. Breathing out, letting go of tension there. “Such a joy”, said my body, in its unspoken language. And what could be better, asks the mind. Perhaps soaking in really hot water, it replies.

Meditation generally keeps my thoughts and feelings at ease. Stretching and yoga releases physical tightness. But having help to work out the kinks, undo the knots, flush out the lactic acid is quite a luxury. I’m feeling grateful for the conditions that allow for such a healing offering to the body at an affordable price. It can also be a beautiful gift to the one next to you.

When getting off the table I remembered a song I wrote back in 2000 to celebrate coming out of a painful and dark period. I was fortunate to record it with some Hopi School 4th graders. And it became a modest hit on KUYI Hopi radio, in part due to the Hopi translation of the chorus. I recall the translation is getting up facing the direction of light. Years later a music video of the Bright Side of the Bed featuring the original recording was produced and can be seen below with some beautiful young sisters from Amsterdam. May you get up on the bright side of the bed every morning. It is easy getting up on the bright side of the massage table.


14 thoughts on “Getting Up on the Bright Side of the Bed

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Agreed, Michelle! If only more of us adult kids, especially men, intentionally got up on the bright side of the bed. Thanks for your kind comment.

  1. nicseventysix

    How happy am I to read your blog entry and watch the wonderful Video ….in…the morning!! : ) Thank you very much for this wonderful reminder. The two girls in the Video… from my neighbour-country …(by the way I could walk over to their Country, my hometown borders on the Netherlands) really shine, I will get a Cup of coffee now and watch it again. Wonderful!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks for such a kind comment. How nice to walk over and visit other friendly countries. I can walk about 10 minutes and visit a couple other cities, although usually I cycle. Be well.

  2. brucethomasw

    Very lovely song David . . . it is wonderful to see the young people so creative, having fun and expressing a positive message . . . when I visit my grandaughter next, I will share it with her. By the way . . . my wife has a new expression – she says “Bruce what would Smile Calm say?”
    In the morning I will do my best, to get up on the bright side of the bed. Best regards . . . Bruce

    1. smilecalm Post author

      I’m happy you like it, Bruce. It was a fun song to play in classrooms for many years. Smilecalm would say just about anything, so your wife is covered whatever she says! And yes, I too, just got up on the bright side.

  3. ♡eM

    Smiles, this brought to me! Thank you! Your song captured emotional wellbeing so very well, with happy simplicity. We always come back to smiling!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, eM! Keeping practice simple helps ensure that it’s done, rather than just contemplated. That was written when I adopted arising with gratitude and intentially smiling for myself and the world. Happy mother’s day.

      1. ♡eM

        Thank you for the Mother’s Day greeting – you know, every day is a mother’s day to celebrate the honor of being a mum.

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