Too Precious to Forget

Grant yourself a moment of peace,
and you will understand
how foolishly you have scurried about.
Learn to be silent,
and you will notice that
you have talked too much.
Be kind,
and you will realize that
your judgment of others was too severe.
~Ancient Chinese Proverb (from “Who Ordered this Truckload of Dung” by Ajahn Brahm)

So wonderful spending memorial day weekend with family and friends learning and remembering what is too precious to forget. Experiencing our true selves, openly and honestly, as we are in each moment of awareness. Body, thoughts, feelings, mental formations and consciousness in continual flowing streams, ever-changing, riding energetic waves of being and non-being. Peeling back layers, like an onion, revealing gardens and compost. Polishing the two bad bricks among the 98 perfect ones. Watering happy seeds, transforming cacti which inevitably sprout from store consciousness.

Jim Scott Behrends & Jo-ann Rosen offered beautiful teachings on skillfully enhancing capacities for expressing compassion, joy and healing for ourselves and the world. They also lead useful Tai Chi and Bufey dance exercises. Lyn Fine and parents played with children, nurturing young, wise hearts. Bodies relaxed, feelings content, minds were at ease as we sat, walked, worked, ate and played mindfully, in happiness. Mariposa’s nature held us in its hills, oak and pine forest, bird songs and creek flow. Feeling peace with silence. Singing from the heart, smiles and tears safely revealed themselves. It’s ok to share openly with new family members. Deeply listening, speaking tenderly. As a loving village, practicing life skills which are so needed. On the last morning, clouds revealed light rain so that we could part clean and fresh, beginning anew. Pocket camera’s images are worth a thousand more words.

Birthday celebration; Vesak

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14 thoughts on “Too Precious to Forget

  1. korimiller

    Reblogged this on Kori Miller Writes and commented:
    Great ideas for a Memorial Day celebration. Maybe this is what we’ll do next year (or something like it.) This year, we spent time with family, alive and dead. It was time well-spent, and it was different than years past. It always feels like we should do something more meaningful on Memorial Day. Why is that?

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Sounds wonderful to be with and celebrate ancestors, on whose shoulders we stand. Sounds natural to do, to remember, but keep it fresh and new, just like each moment. Be well.

  2. Brook

    So grateful to be a part of this. Thank you for your images, David, they bring me back in heart and mind. Brook


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