Like a Complete Unknown

Oakland's doghouse
Oakland’s doghouse

How does it feel to be on your own, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone? ~ Bob Dylan

Perhaps I dreamed about taking a Greyhound bus ride across Northern California during part of my recent life transition. A bus filled with divine beings displaying the fashion and language associated with those down and out. “Got a cigarette?” I was asked a couple of times during stops. Expressed regret to those who asked. One guy went on loudly to his buddies about already having drunk down most of his $25 parole money. Many seemed to have only a change of clothes and that bus ticket to Oakland. A guy covered with tattoos did not want his picture taken as it could end up in his FBI file. A woman and her little girl stayed quiet and away from the loud, drinking passengers.

The enemy is discrimination ~Thich Nhat Hanh

May these passengers be well, be safe, be happy. May they feel cared for and have something meaningful to do in their lives. May I continue to feel empathy and connection to the other bus riders. We’re all riders on this bus. Breathing gently for myself, and the world. Knowing that there is a way out of suffering, even when it’s not clearly apparent how in the moment, or during a dream.

8 Replies to “Like a Complete Unknown”

  1. Thanks for this, I feel happy to read and remember how beauty can carry itself in a way that only anonymity can hold. Thanks for being connected with the other folks on the bus. May we see the others on our adventures as ourselves, and may we enjoy everything there is to enjoy. Peace 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for your insightful comment, Polly. Riding the bus brought back fond memories of happy bus travels in my youth. Also reminded of firesign theater’s album “we’re all bozos on this bus” ; a humorous way of describing equanimity, imho.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful post! I’m not in touch with that beautiful perspective (have been before, but not today), but I can feel it from you, and it feels good!

  3. I’ve ridden that bus and been with those passengers. There are many teachers there.
    Not all of the enlightened are in a monastery, wearing prayer beads, or sitting in a lotus posture.
    Like Thay says, “no discrimination.” Like Pema says, “Just like me, others yearn for comfort, safety, peace, and happiness.”
    Thanks for your reminder.

  4. Super cool. I love the experience of travelling because of it’s symbolism with journeying and impermanence. I also love the experience of being thrown in with a group of random strangers, connected only by destination and humanity. It always makes me feel happy to see when spontaneous camaraderie emerges (particularly when buses break down!).


    Sarah (The Happy Rat)

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