Surrendered to the heat



Life is both dreadful and wonderful.  To practice meditation is to be in touch with both aspects. ~Thich Nhat Hanh, from Being Peace

This so-called independence day is perfect for liberating thoughts and feelings of ill-being from body, heart and mind. Triple digit, record-setting temperatures offering added fuel to inner fires. Primal fears and desires of survival kicking in. Red-faced, blood to the surface, beads of sweat, evaporative, heat regulation systems, go.

hot, hotter-therms

hot, hotter-therms ~d nelson

Smiling inside to observed success experiencing heat’s discomfort. In an instant, mindfulness seems lost. Then, snapping back into the moment. Perceiving the will to live. To live with what is happening, now. What is happening is fulfilling a want to refresh; to be in the physical comfort zone. A short drive to the lake where cooling waters beckon to meet this need.

Ah, sensed joy from arriving at the lake gives way to immense happiness of being in water. Splash, cool, relaxation. Slipping in the kayak, paddling into the breeze. Hair would be blowing were it long enough. Letting soaring scavengers devour illusions, dead mental formations and emotion. Buzzard’s feast leaves me lighter, comfortable, refreshed. Only a happy shoulder/arm soreness remnant remains. Breathing in, feeling cool and free. Breathing out, aware in this moment of independence day.


11 thoughts on “Surrendered to the heat

  1. ♡eM

    “Letting soaring scavengers devour illusions, dead mental formations and emotion. Buzzard’s feast leaves me light, comfortable, refreshed.”

    This is intriguing imagery.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Please forgive my imagination’s soaring along with those turkey vultures, eM. My un-needed energies being utilized by other beings in nature’s cycle.

      1. ♡eM

        There is nothing to forgive–I have only appreciation.

        Life’s lessons are everywhere, all of the time, and come along with anyone and anything–our minds are open.

  2. brucethomasw

    Can’t imagine that kinda heat. i love in the end when you were on the water how you related “your breathing in feeingl cool and free and breathing out, aware in this moment of independence day.” Such a wonderful buddha nature, David. . . . ” if my hair was longer.” 🙂

    Also, l Iove the amphibian kayak/honda fit, and the no gas motors sign. We need more of those (all 3). Hope the temperature has dropped & peace to you, and all – Bruce

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks for your kind reflection, Bruce. More signs, less motors, yes. Today was a bit cooler for enjoying canoe paddling on the lake, short hair and all.

  3. nicseventysix

    Dear David, your blog post made me hear the water, feel the kayak movements, it was so much coming alive! the photo with the car and the kayak on top is my favourite 🙂 Like brucethomasw said: you are indeed quite a wonderful Buddha nature!!
    May you have a sunny, but maybe less warm Sunday.
    Best, Nicole

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks Nicole for encouraging me to continue getting the boat on the water and paddle, for myself and others. I’m imagining you in a cool, wet paradise on a warm summer day;+)


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