5 powerful mantras of love

I’m here for you. The First Mantra ~Thich Nhat Hanh

bee sunflower
bee sunflower ~d nelson

First Mantra, I’m here for you. This is for generating your concentrated presence. It should be a statement of fact. Using awareness of breathing we know we are truly present.

The Second Mantra, My dear, I know you are there and I’m so happy. To recognize the presence of your loved one. Your loved one may be a partner, child, friend, flower, anything.

The Third Mantra, My dear, I know you suffer and I am here for you. Used when you notice something is not right, not well.

The Fourth Mantra, My dear, I am suffering and I want you to know. I’m doing my best. Please help me. This can be difficult because it’s when you are suffering and you think you’re loved one is the cause. We want to punish. After you have tried to cool the flames, maybe 24-hours, then you can practice this mantra. Tell him in a calm voice. If you are not able, then write it down.

The Fifth Mantra. This is a happy moment. Mindfulness is a source of happiness. This moment is worth living.

Thay offers lotus to dragon
Thay offers lotus to dragon (plum village 2012) ~d nelson

Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings on love bring joy and healing to so many who put the words into action. Recently feature film maker Larry Kasanoff (Terminator 2, Platoon, True Lies and Mortal Kombat) found beauty from Thay’s mindfulness teachings and now has created a documentary entitled “Mindfulness the movie”, featuring Thich Nhat Hanh, with Deepak Chopra, Cesar Milan, Sharon Stone, Oliver Stone, Dr. Blaise Aguirre, Sister Chan Khong and others. You can watch a trailer clip, read more about it, and offer support if you like at their site here.

Sitting back, relaxed, on this warm summer evening. The five mantras are written on a card which I carry in my wallet. Prepared to use words of love wherever I go. It’s valuable to have them written down as it’s so easy to forget when things get hot or cold.

30 Replies to “5 powerful mantras of love”

    1. writing them down and keeping them on hand makes them available bells of mindfulness, anytime. Yes, #4 is worthy of practicing in a mirror, rehearsing like an actor would, prepared for the inevitable.

  1. What a great post, great reminder, and great advice. I love every inch of it. I love the idea of writing those mantras on a card that you keep with you at all times. . . I will definitely do the same. As a mom and clinical social worker, sometimes it is so hard to be present and loving with humanity. I struggle to maintain my compassion and composure, or to feel like I have enough to go around. Hahn’s words bring such a sense of the infinite to me. this might have been just what I need to read today. Thank you so much.

  2. Such a lovely, life-giving post. Odd, I thought I was following you before. Oops. Peace and best, John

  3. Thank you David. This is a wondeful post. I loved the photos – the beauty of the bee sunflowers brought me awe – and the serenity of Thich Nhat Hanh offering the lotus and the wonderful faces of the people there with him, that too brought my serenity and peace. Thank you for sharing these moments.
    And right away, I wrote down the 5 matras of love onto a bookmark, and then put it into my wallet. These mantras will be powerful words to use, especially when in difficult moments of relationship. I appreciate these reminders, deeply.

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