Art Walk in Beauty

sidewalk art
sidewalk art

Now I walk in beauty
beauty is before me
beauty is behind me
above and below me. ~Navajo blessing

Following the full length of my in-breath I walk peacefully, downtown.
Following the full length of my out-breath, I smile to beauty
the beauty of nature
the beauty expressed by people.
I smile to this gift,
the gift of life.

Walking joyfully with a friend,
and strangers,
from gallery to outdoor exhibit
smelling and tasting
hors d’oeuvres

Fruits of creative-community’s labor.
Photographs hanging in a law office
Flute player’s melody touching sentimental memories within
mural reflecting hearts and hands held, supportingly
gallery for love of animals, put to canvas
earth crafted for tea
life stitched, patiently
hay-fork stored; for the cow, for the milk, for the cheese,
for ancestors, descendants, …

Art walk meditation
community to me
me to community.
So many eyes and hands
crafting in all the colors
mind’s eye can see
in this wonderful, present moment.

12 Replies to “Art Walk in Beauty”

      1. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my posts, Kelly. It’s an honor to receive your award recognition. Wishing you happiness,

  1. So beautiful – formed like a poem, and its heart full of wisdom and love. I sing this blessing often as I walk through nature – there truly is beauty in everyone and everything, if we choose to see it…thanks for this wonderful post:-)

  2. Earth crafted for tea, life stitched patiently – I just keep coming back to those two lines – so lyrical and serene. You made me want to be on this peacefully breathing walk. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Disappearing in Plain Sight. It means a lot to me.

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