100th post: Haiku to Trees

Today's Old Growth Sacred Hug
Today’s Old Growth Sacred Hug ~d nelson

This 100th post is a bow of gratitude to sources of inspiration: nature, blogosphere writers, readers, as well as teachers, including Thich Nhat Hanh & Joanna Macy.

tree-respecting fence
tree-respecting fence ~d nelson

Breathing in, I smile
Tree’s marvelous out-breath, air
Our deep roots entwined

11 Replies to “100th post: Haiku to Trees”

  1. Great pics! 🙂
    I was, just yesterday, in a heavily wooded area along a river. The trees were very majestic, towering, and incredible! But i didn’t hug any… there’s a lot of poison ivy in our area! 😉

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