On the Day Before You Came

facing uncertainty together

facing uncertainty together ~d nelson

“We have to continue to learn. We have to be open. And we have to be ready to release our knowledge in order to come to a higher understanding of reality.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

breathe, turn it off

breathe in, turn it off, thanks!

Perhaps accomplished Zen masters comprehend and experience all relations present at each moment. While I aspire to get there, I’m not there, and may not be in this life. In a not-so-distant memory, I could only feel connected to others on an intimate level, in-person. Sure, I made contact and arranged rendezvous over the phone. Enjoyed sending and receiving real, handwritten mail, some with nice, or even exotic scents. Handwriting and the smells of paper could evoke longing, remembering. But increasingly it is now a challenge to connect personally with others. Even those I’ve known for many years. I know that you are in me, and I in you, yet these are brave new world days of automation. I used to be able to tell if it was real or it was Memorex. I’m sure you could, too. Now, the latest communication can feel and seem less real. Email seems rather impersonal. Messages out into cyberspace that are often not replied to. Even the NSA doesn’t acknowledge reading it. Now, please listen to the options as our menu has changed. Am I the only one vying for other’s attention who incessantly stare at an electronic device awaiting instant, momentary gratification from someone, or something, which is otherwise not present? Was that your phone? A text?

It’s so wonderful to really listen to another. See his face, listen to her eyes while the language of her body conveys a deeper truth. Hearing what is said, and not said. Understanding, compassion and true love glow like burning embers during time spent offering one’s true presence. Where have you been, dear one, and where do you aspire to go now? Sharing from the heart. Trusting, feeling safe with secrets, whether pleasant or difficult. Learning each other’s stories, as they are told now, as they grow, and dynamically evolve through concentration, insight and letting go.

For blogging friends I’d like to share examples of stories that, I believe, offer hope of connection. Not just notions of connectivity, but the real experience. To help us experience more of ourselves and each other. Interconnection with all our relations: people, animals, plants, minerals, and even stars. Most of the stories I will share come from “Shooting Stars”, a children’s radio show I produced over ten years ago. This first story is called, “on the day before you came”, and is told by the writer, Paul Reynolds. In gratitude to him for telling it at a yoga teacher’s training I was attending. Hope you enjoy listening to it alone, or in the presence of a loved one. Perhaps with that other device turned off, or to vibrate.


12 thoughts on “On the Day Before You Came

  1. michaelwatsonvt

    Perhaps all that really matters is listening to and sharing stories. The intimacy of the village, or better yet, the band , is such that deep listening can, if nurtured, be the norm. The truly magnificent healers were all listeners, as well as seers. In my life, those precious, unexpected moments of truly being seen and heard remain moving memories.

  2. Soul Fields

    You mentioned the “Shooting Stars” radio show in a comment once and I became very curious about it. Thank you for sharing this piece, I loved it. I also appreciate your sincere, heartfelt and fluent writing style and content in general.

  3. mkesling63

    A very nice post. Remebering all the zen posts, why people can not believe they are part of this earth without searching is simply beyond me. MAybe becasue I do not run to symbols to cope with corruption or negatives. All is exactly what it is to me. I run to 1 plus packs a day of smokes to cope instead. Then I get punished by some unknown vengful power that gives me more of what I didn’t want to begin with. Then I have to deal with it and get rid of it too. If it is God doing this then I have to kick his ass too.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks Michelle for your kind comment and insight. Yes, we’re doing our best, with whatever guidance and tools acquired along the way, with hope they bring us & the world well-being. Be well.

  4. Kelly Kuhn

    I’ve been a seeker for many years now, and love finding others. The story reminded me of a therapy session I had about 10 years ago – where I had a past life memory rise into my conscious mind, and then instantly knew that I came into this lifetime to determine who I really am…and be that. It was so profound, yet seems so contrary to the messages that pound at me every day. But I keep moving in that direction, stripping away the beliefs and things that I am not, and moving toward my Self.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thanks for sharing your journey, Kelly. i’m happy that the story resonated with your chord of discovery. may you find the joy in any moment.

  5. ♡eM

    I connected with a friend of a dear friend of mine for the first time today. We took turns, and shared, stories and opinions and ideas. Our time together was a delight. This post is a beautiful piece, Smile. Thank you.


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