Caring for Home with a Smile

joyful face painters

joyful face painters

We do not possess our home, our children or even our body. They are only given to us a short while to treat with care and respect. ~Zen teaching

“We are what we thought”, says a Buddhist teaching. A reminder to nurture an aspiration of thinking the most wholesome and positive thoughts I can, now. I can imagine homes, even cities built-in harmony with nature. Built of materials which are local, natural and processed on-sites most conducive to supporting needs, not only of people, but also the landscape and other living beings. In many areas this may be achieved using straw bales, other areas may best use adobe, and/or wood. Well insulated, energy-efficient. Smartly designed, carbon neutral, properly placed to benefit from natural, passive solar heating and cooling. Small houses with ancient and/or modern energy efficiency technologies. Large porches for shade, cooling and socializing with others. Solar panels, wind turbines, anti-gravity, or other free energy sources. Well lit with natural and low energy artificial lighting, such as LED’s. Water conservation, and re-use systems to most efficiently utilize this most valuable source of life: water. It makes me happy knowing that there are so many who are taking actions which move us all in the direction of sustainability. So that a future is possible for people and other living things. Not waiting for government or corporate benefactors to save us.

In the unknown future, it’s possible for us and our descendants to thrive. Moving into the difficulties with positive actions and smiles despite inevitable sacrifice. We can overcome the barrier of ignorance and cultivate collective understanding by educating ourselves and each other. Cooperatively, supporting each other, and feeling supported. Plugging into our greatest collective power source; the power of love. We can start by simply smiling, then with a small step, such as opening windows to let in fresh air & blow out our own pollution, breathe fresh air, and regulate home’s temperature. A simple, loving act towards ourselves. I read that 80% of Americans don’t even open their windows. Breathing in, my home feels fresh. Breathing out, I smile.

sunflower power

sunflower power

Wisely thinking thoughts of sustainable ways of living. Recognizing that the future depends on what we think and do, now. Smiling together with fellow, compassionate hearts. Can’t you see the smile on these fresh faces of optimism?

“In the garbage I see the rose. In the rose I see the garbage. Everything is in transformation. Even permanence is impermanent.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


19 thoughts on “Caring for Home with a Smile

  1. mkesling63

    I agree. Off the subject what would you know or a blogger refered to me that might know about the push vs pull current in a circulum for educating? I have run into 2 now where both parties could not be right when both parties were. I am thinking a push, phonics education might develop some combative triggers in conversation vs a memory pull based current in education like the one that started in the usa in the mid 60’s. Let me know if you are interested or know a blogger that is.

  2. harulawordsthatserve

    What beautiful, joyful images! For me, opening windows is also a metaphor for inviting connection with life and other beings, as well and fresh air. I just LOVE this line, ‘Plugging into our greatest collective power source; the power of love.’ Blessings my wise friend, Harula xxxxxxxx

  3. brucethomasw

    I love this post David. In the photo of the teppee, is it a parabolic solar cooker I’m seeing next to the teepee? I’m pretty sure it’s not a sattelite dish! Do you recall, or maybe you didn’t get close enough for a good look.

    This weekend I (and francis) were at the Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking event in Lund, BC to help promote partnerships with the sun rich but materially poor countries of the world. There was supposed to be a parabolic cooker at the event, but that didn’t work out. I think it was over at this teppee!!

    I love your heart inspired commentary and all the photos too . . . especially this one of the teepee – and I think the inspirational solar cooker too!

    This like a sign to inspire me to keep on with the work of solar cooking, even though at times I (and especially the other people who are key partnership coordinators), seem to be up against impossible odds. I need not to forget that the sun always rises, on the rich and poor alike.

    Peace and thanks to you my friend David. sincerely – Bruce

    ( by the way – both Fran and I really appreciated and enjoyed reading the wonderful review you wrote about her recent novel, disappearing in plain sight – thank you for that, as well.)

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, Bruce. Yes, it’s a solar cooker. This one was being used by the interns at the solar center. I’ve help use one at Deer Park Monastery several times. Thanks for the inspiration to get more active around this simple, free energy, technology. Good luck in your efforts to bring it about to those who can benefit. Happy to have such inspired blog friends as you and Francis. Wishing you pleasant days of summer and lots of sunshine, david


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