Honoring your Story

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

There did not seem to be much time. So I offered my presence by gazing completely into your eyes. Wanting to see you, as you are. It was a little difficult as the warm, dry weather affected by eyes with dryness. But I kept them open so that I could see you. For all those minutes. Not wanting to give the impression, in our silence, that there was a reason to turn away. Only some necessary, extra blinking.

Ultimately there was a dissolution. Perhaps due to something as basic as fear, and misperceiving the cause of fear. Isn’t that our weakness; our shame. Being caught in fear. Creating enemies where none really exist. How can the left and right hand be enemies of each other? With wisdom they understand that they are only left and right of each other, and yet still one. My deepest wish is that you are well and happy, now. Breathing softly, I close my dry eyes.

This is my story at this moment. Sending the object of my story love, happiness and healing.

reading me a story

reading me a story

Interesting how we communicate about ourselves through stories. And how wonderful when we can be open and honest about what is happening. As well as listen without judgment of another. Open to how things are, in the moment, without fear.

In honor and memory of a wonderful storyteller, Diane Wolkstein, I am posting a short clip from an interview with her in Hanoi some years ago. It’s touching how her practice of mindfulness helped her fully be herself, and accept others as they are, while she told stories, fearlessly. May we all be so brave.

lifetime's of written wisdom

lifetime’s of written wisdom


6 thoughts on “Honoring your Story

  1. mkesling63

    Me I do not have any problems in public speaking but I do not like pictures of myself. I am too loud mouth to fear publics. But pictures I just flat do not like. Maybe something I have to work on. Maybe because in still pictures you can not open your mouth. I have an ever demanding expressive one. Telling on people no, but issue……..

  2. Kelly Kuhn

    Bravery is one of our greatest assets, as long as we use it wisely. Love this post, as usual. When I see your gravatar in my reader, I inhale a little more deeply, knowing that a gift of mindfulness is coming my way.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      I’m touched that the cute lion image reminds you to breathe deeply. While it’s my intention to share what’s true for me in the moment and be of benefit to others, I hope for the best.


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