Sharing a Non-Selfie


non-selfie ~d nelson

The self is only made of non-self elements.
But before we can truly understand our nature of non-self
we must understand ourself, first. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Since beginning-less time
impelling energies & matter
from form to emptiness
and back again
through space, including earth
to ancestors
who photosynthesized, swam, crawled,
flew, walked, then stood up,
until co-arising as a self
for the sake of argument
we can call me,
in this moment’s configuration.

quick, get a selfie!
as this self will die
and be reborn
in each new moment.

non-selfie with non-tree

non-selfie with non-tree

Five streams flowing, eternally.

First, body: who’s physiology burns calories to fuel it’s movement, bearing new cells as old ones age, and die.

Second, perception: streams in a feast of images, sounds and contact through eye, ear, nose, tongue and touch.

Third, feelings: experienced as pleasures, pains, comfort, and discomfort in heart, mind and body.

Forth, thoughts: appear, interpreting, analyzing, judging, valuing what is happening, has happened and may or may not happen.

Fifth, consciousness: colors all physical and mental formations
mystically owing from individual and collective karma impressions.

An ever-changing self
energetically flowing
as a drop in the river
of humanity.
And at least for now
humanity flows,
amongΒ every transcendent river
past, present and future.


30 thoughts on “Sharing a Non-Selfie

  1. francisguenette

    Love the non-selfies – especially of the non-tree. Yes indeed – these moments will pass and we will be totally remade in the next instance. Impermanence is all we have – at least for now humanity flows. Love that.

  2. Lucy

    So enjoyed this, thank you! The concept of non-permanence is alive and vital in this piece, it’s a reminder I truly needed.
    Lucy πŸ™‚

  3. Genie

    I love how you make your poem visually alive with the first photo; its composition is: Left Brain, Right Brain, adds tremendously to your post.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      you’re very kind to express it that way, Genie. Thinking I was listening to my heart, which wanted to by-pass both sides of the brain, mind ultimately offered creative assistance πŸ™‚

  4. deenamita

    So serene. Can’t help but wonder though: if we are all that is and all that is is us given interdependence, is not the picture of a tree and stream and rock, ironically, a selfie? πŸ™‚

  5. srwright607

    These words were great not because they conveyed a concept of non-self, but they created the feeling of watching the performance of non-selfness. We got to see the verb instead of the noun. Sometimes poetry can use metaphysical language and abstract us into our own heads. These simple and to the point words, here rendered poetry, draws us into a portrait of non-self. I can’t help but appreciate the directness of this!

    This is surely the post that makes me want to follow your blog. Next, you’ll have to tell me how you manage to accept compliments on wordpress, but remain in a state of detachment, unaffected by longing, delusion, or dejection! How can one write to others on this medium with true non-selfness?

    “Here, I’m not!
    Look, i’m not here!
    Listen, I don’t have anything to say!
    Today, I want to blog about the non-blog
    Featuring, me, the non-self!”

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thanks for your kind insight!
      i’m grateful to share
      my successes and failures
      living mindfully every day
      teachings on love and understanding.
      guidance for moving towards the moon.
      but should I be mistaken for the moon
      please, kill me
      and continue your sojourn, happily πŸ™‚


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