Navigating Drought in the Fog

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

shining high above fog
shining high above fog ~d nelson

Fog of coastal California childhood
mystical, moist, comforting blanket
limiting outward visibility
encouraging seeing inwardly.
Older now, I sit upon dry dirt
composed of endlessly recycled living molecules
this soil, matrix of life on earth.

Basking on a balmy winter afternoon.
Foggy moments comfort, even now
invoking calm and smiles to my being
energetic connection to earth
it’s understood that we and other beings are made of dirt,
mixed with air, water and sunshine.
Being here, right now, together
such great coincidence
serendipity of fate and karma.

Taking refuge in the fog
from unwholesome thoughts & feelings
reprieve from news, reported and not.
We’re experiencing severe drought
in this western US region,
Governor declares state of emergency.
Ridiculously Resilient Ridge deflecting storms,
zero chance of precipitation forecast.
The golden state normally is green in January.
Breathing in, sunshine
Breathing out, seeds and prayers of rain.

Not hard to imagine California transforming
from an earthly garden paradise, breadbasket for millions
to an arid desert with eroded soil, blown away.
Already drought-tolerate native plants are struggling.

Together, sitting in fog’s uncertainty,
not with heads in the sand,
collective recognition that we
are not separate from each other,
not separate from ecosystems.
Shall we resolve to do the best we can
to conserve, using only what is needed
to peacefully live in harmony with each other,
especially in times of shortages and crisis?

During transition’s window
honor our true wealth
inherited from our mother earth:
these riches of air, soil and water
which sustain life as we know it
supporting children and descendants,
humanities continuation.

Rising above the fog, resilient
arriving and rejoicing at the clarity
of that beautiful, clear, blue sky’s truth.

Smiling to our beautiful aspiration
to touch the earth,
feeling its pulse, within us.
Today I’m showering with a bucket
and drinking an espresso instead of a cup of coffee.

55 Replies to “Navigating Drought in the Fog”

  1. California is such a beautiful and sacred part of our country. My kids and I loved visiting there a few years ago. It is also such an important part of American agriculture. I hope that something can be done to prevent California from becoming a desert, without cutting off the water from other parts of the country that also need water for their ecosystems. Conservation of resources probably helps, but I suspect something more is needed. This is one of those areas where I hope that our technological and environmental innovators can find a solution that allows human enjoyment and use of the natural resources of California in a way that renews them to their most abundant state. Of course, the global force of climate change has a role here as you mention. We all need to work together for our common good across the planet. Sending my prayers to you and California in your time of drought. Karen

    1. I appreciate your warm and insightful words, Karen. With my public health background I always wondered if an event or condition would wake people up to the beautiful, yet fragile conditions that support our existence. Perhaps science will come up with remedies for the future. For now less water must be used, since there is less water available. Thank you for your prayerful energy 🙂

  2. Lovely! I love the fog too – it dissipates the veil of Maya. 🙂
    p.s. Did you grow up in CA? Do you know the saying/poem: If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down – humorous, but wise advice for a state not unfamiliar with drought conditions.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. I feel as if I am sitting on the opposite side of your world. As I sit in my warm living room, heated by our wood stove, I look out the back sliding glass door onto a world filled with white. The temperature is just 0 degrees Celcius and the snow that fell last night is sitting softly on the branches of the trees in the back yard. Very peaceful to look at, yet through the month of December and into January we have had more snow in our area, and broken records for snowfall. The ice storm in Toronto caused a loss of a portion of our tree canopy. Our water table is higher than it has been for a long time. I wish I could send the flow of the water laden clouds your way, and see the sunshine for a while. Reading your words did bring warm to me inside, and for that I am grateful.

    1. thank you for your kind words. i do wish you and others warmth and safety during the record cold. i’ve been using my nordic track and dreaming of xc skiing in real snow. maybe next year. may we all get through these times of changing weather, with joy and harmony 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos of the fog, We been getting a lot of them up here in the mornings. I heard about the drought and your words are beautiful with the way you introduce is to us, your readers 🙂

  5. Your poem, photos abd concerns blend well with the quote from Thich Nhat Hanh. This is salvation; whatever is going on around us, it’s in the sacred space of now where our refuge is.

  6. What a beautiful, poignant piece! As I melt all the way over in Australia in a record breaking heat wave I too am feeling your concerns for the environment. May you get your rain soon 🙂

  7. Such irony that the moisture is only in the clouds, with the beautiful warm sun shining overhead, with earth so dry. And with other places so unseasonably cold. Here, up the Pacific coast from you in British Columbia, I heard an oldtimer say to Fran and I this week, that he can never remember such a dry winter. And I hadn’t realized it was even drier where you are in California. So – it may be we are onwards to lattes and compost toilets as a scientific solution after all. And dinking tea mindfully will surely help, no matter what. I do hope the rain comes though. Thanks for the moving poem and photos David.

    1. appreciate your kind, supportive words, Bruce, and helping me understand the breadth of this dryness. on a few hour drive to the bay area, hills and meadows are as brown as summer. Joy loves company, as does misery. may we all find adequate hydration as the days become longer.

  8. Beautifully evocative of our interconnection with nature and the elements, and gently speaks to the heart of the importance of being aware of nature’s needs, and of doing our best to nourish, honour and protect her…thank you wise friend. Blessings of thirst quenching rain and balance in all things, Harula xxx

  9. I grew up in Napa, California, leaving when I was twelve for parts East. I loved the fog, loved the winter rains that would flood the long, narrow dip in our back garden. Thanks for all these images of connection with the earth. May we tend her well, together.

  10. so wonderful to know
    the blue sky is always
    above,even when obscured.
    thank you so much for loving
    the earth, air, and
    water we are made from
    so much! (cupping my ear –
    listening for distant thunder!)

  11. Here in the UK we are struggling with floods, coastal storms and erosion, and very high ground water levels, as well as the warmest December since records began! Too much water, too little water. We are all a bit out of balance….
    I enjoy your gentle comments and thoughtful reflections. Thank you for visiting my blog too. 🙂

    1. you’re very kind to share
      changes in weather
      on your side of the world.
      lived a couple years in amsterdam &
      i feel empathy for humanity living where seas are rising.
      may all have enough moisture
      and offer help to those in need.
      i look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  12. This is a beautiful post, both the words and the images. Obviously we (and others) are on the same wavelength. If enough people become concerned there will be a tipping point, and maybe attitudes will change and more people will start doing taking constructive action.

  13. Love the photos, quotation, poem, and resolution. Being from the Bay Area, fog has a special place in my heart. Going to start conserving water as well. I think I’ll bathe in my sons’ bath water tonight. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  14. Wonderful photos and words, I love it! So glad you liked my post and I’ve stumbled across your blog. I lived through drought in Queensland, Australia. It’s devastating. I remember the day it broke and water poured down the mountains, I was just so choked up. I do hope you get rain soon. I live in North Cyprus and we’ve had a very dry winter, with low water stocks. Fingers crossed for rain, as they are for you in California. Good luck. And yes, perhaps from the drought in California to the extreme heat waves in Australia to the excessive rain in the UK, perhaps the lights will go on that we need to tackle climate change and care for our lovely planet a whole lot more.

    1. appreciate your kind, insightful words, crazy!
      at the moment it’s raining nicely, and has been on and off for a few days. fresh relief, but not drought’s end! yes, i agree that we need to lead from the bottom and stop following unwise leadership 🙂

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