Lunar New Year’s Gratitude’s

moon cakes on the altar
moon cakes on the altar

The wave can lead the life of a wave, or the wave can live the life of the ocean.  If the wave bends down and touches its true home as water, all fear will end.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh

A bow of gratitude to those who have gone before
into garden of edens,
into dark, unsafe places
that we may have guidance
in their footsteps
and perhaps safely find our way.

Thanks to my spiritual ancestors, including
Thich Nhat Hanh & the community of mindful living
who pass on the tradition of staying up most of the night
stoking fires to boil giant water pots on lunar new year
diligently preparing moon & sweet rice cakes with love
that others may touch the sacred nature of food & water.

Sincere appreciation for the life of Pete Seeger
his actions and songs which inspired generations to sing out
including me throughout my public health & social justice work
to kids of all ages.
It was joyful paying tribute in song with friends.

And humble thanks to non-human ancestors
who offer the deepest lessons
about the meaning of life
to those who will look and listen.

Many now are looking up
watching for clouds
calling on rain
listening for the answer.

Yoga friends and I produced “Rain Gratitude Meditation”
with the aspiration that our collective energy
of mindfulness, concentration and insight
will help change the situation.

Please watch and, if you like, share with others
so that our collective energy is strong.
So that water continues to flow.
U.S. Drought Monitor shows that exceptional drought now covers 9 percent of California.

38 Replies to “Lunar New Year’s Gratitude’s”

  1. Gratitude for you too, dear brother! Sharing the refreshing energy of rain from Oakland this morning, may we all be safe and happy, may we have what we need to be sustained.

  2. Burn sacred Sage, that will help bring rain, my First Nations’ friend, Roland, told me to let you know that.
    Awesome video invocation and appreciation.

  3. While listening to the meditation, my cat arose from my side, went to her water bowl, and drank loudly. She’s still drinking, far more loudly than usual. It struck me with great power how we all need water. Thank you for the meditation, and your efforts to heal our planet.

  4. Thank you for the reminder that we all should be grateful for the rain. It is such a powerful and necessary element to life. I enjoyed the meditation as well. 🙂

  5. This morning I went for a run near a beautiful stream that was frosted with white drifts of melting snow. A beautiful deer stood by the stream eating tender stalks of grass. As I watched the meditation, I was reminded of the deer from my run and how we are all fragile, beautiful, and connected. Today I am grateful for the deer that visits me by the stream and for your beautiful post which celebrates the power of water and new beginnings. Namaste

    1. thanks for your kind sharing, Lisa!
      when it rained I went out to capture some images.
      i was happy to encounter the deer, up on a hill, eating the dried grass.
      may they, and the rest of living beings, have enough water 🙂

  6. so beautiful, we must trust that things are the way they are meant to be, but do all we can to help rebalance our suffering Earth, your meditation will help to do that 🙂 Yes, love the quote about the waves … we are asked to be both!

  7. Beautifully written post. I shared this with my twitter following because I love your whole post and particularly the rain meditation. It’s very healing.

  8. Beautifully written post. I shared this with my twitter following because I love your whole post and particularly the rain meditation. It’s very healing. Karen

  9. Your posts are always so meaningful! To know that there are people like you who care and are relentlessly putting in their efforts to spread awareness is purely a matter of pride. 🙂 Very soothing rain meditation video!

    1. i offer what i can in words and images with the hope that it benefit others. you’re very kind to find my little offering meaningful, ShethP. Glad you like the rain meditation, also. Wishing you a happy moment 🙂

  10. The photos of these lunar new year moon cakes are scrumptious, as is the sentiments that accompany the meal. O’ Pete Seeger, our Pete Seeger! What a kind, gentle activist for peace. I dare not venture to guess how his energy will be replaced, because it likely won’t. Smile, thank you for sharing your celebrations and your sadness. I am your sister in this peace practice. Smiles!

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