Mr. SmileCalm Goes To Washington

To practice Right Livelihood, you have to find a way to earn your living without transgressing your ideals of love and compassion. The way you support yourself can be an expression of your deepest self, or it can be a source of suffering for you and others. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

capitol hill's best use: sledding!
capitol hill’s best use: sledding!

Imagining myself a leader (just imagining).
The best leader I could be
offering wisdom and heart.
Elected by the people
my neighbors, colleagues, allies, supporters
maybe even some of the disloyal opposition.
Because I am candid about who I am
and how I live my life.
And had, and continue to sincerely listened to them,
understanding who they are and what is important to them.
Vowing to represent them above all else
speaking for those who feel voiceless
and not succumbing to pressures by other politicians,
lobbyists, citizen united’s bags of money or merchants of power.
In office to serve with dignity and humility
if for only one term.

As a public figure
how can I maintain integrity with those who risk so much,
hoping for their well-being and their children’s future
by casting their vote for me, to represent them?
I should attempt to live a wholesome life
maintaining right livelihood
knowing my income and expenses
leading a balanced life, neither extravagant nor miserly.
Helping others live in professions that do cause death or destruction
not supporting killing of people, animals or the environment.
My life should be an example
in how I am generous with my time and energy,
in how I am faithful in relationships
and help protect other’s relationships and commitments.
Aspiring to speak with words that inspire hope and confidence
inspiring compassion and possibilities, supporting of citizen’s needs.
Not seeking wealth, fame, power or sensual pleasures.

In gratitude I would support school teachers
who nurture compassion, love and understanding in students
the next generation who must endure
the collective karma of all
who have gone before.
Seeing their bright eyes and fresh faces
gives me hope that they will have the tools necessary
to be resilient and stay strong.

Well, perhaps I’m not quite ready to get elected
but I’m glad there are some leaders who try to practice right livelihood.

It’s enjoyable to listen to a Congressman who practices mindfulness, daily
and supports mindfulness and it’s benefits in schools, businesses and other work-sites.
You, too, might enjoy hearing what Tim Ryan from Ohio had to say
in his keynote address for the mindfulness in education conference a couple of weeks ago.

11 Replies to “Mr. SmileCalm Goes To Washington”

  1. Bonjour,

    Je ne comprends pas tout – malheureusement je ne parle pas et ne sait pas lire l’anglais – mais j’aime l’atmosphère qui se dégage de ce blog. J’espère que vous me comprendrez !

    J’essayerai de traduire avec Google Translate mais bon, ce traducteur a ses limites.

    Bonne journée. 🙂

  2. Right livelihood is so important to me. I am a psychologist and I feel good about my work. Thank you for this thoughtful treatment of the topic. And thank you for stopping by my blog to like my post on My Obsession.

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