Mother Says let your little light shine

ancestor tribute

ancestor tribute

The presence of children in communities is very wonderful and you don’t have to be a mother or father to enjoy the presence of young children. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Close your eyes right now
see the inner light that shines.
Generating energy of compassion
up from the heart
say to that inner light,
I love you
with all sincerity.

Now look at the person in front of you
or the next person you meet
and gaze softly, but deeply
seeing their inner light shining.
And with all sincerity and stability
say, I love you.

Imagine being in a class of students
or teachers
with all them recognizing their
little lights shining.
And without hesitation
hearing the room erupt
shouting out the exultation,
I love you!

Gratitude to my mother
who helped me learn
and understand about love
by bringing me into this world.
I love you.

Gratitude to your mother, also dear reader
who brought you into this world.
I’m so happy that we both experience
the miracle of being here now, together!




41 thoughts on “Mother Says let your little light shine

  1. ShethP

    Aw, this is a wonderful tribute. 🙂 Here’s to spreading the love on this Mother’s Day and always…

  2. Tom McCubbin

    Thanks for reminding me of the need to be grateful and to seek out love in those around me…

      1. ♡eM

        I love and am loved in a naturally-shared synchronicity. It’s been pleasurably obvious these many years. And I’m glad.

  3. ~meredith


    So cool, so beautiful… so inspiring. Thank you posting so much love today!

    (I love you!) Meredith

  4. cattan2011

    i find it is hard to say *I love you* to my children, husband or relatives but after reading your poem. it seem it is not bad to try to say that to my children as it is a way to express my love to them.
    Thank my friend.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      i did not grow up
      hearing “i love you”.
      had to recognize the
      yearning to hear it,
      then practice saying it
      first, to myself,
      then it became natural
      to say to others!
      wishing you success
      and love 🙂


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