Golden Poppy-Powered Moment

taking over the station

taking over the station

“The mind can go in 1000 directions, but on this lovely path I walk in peace.
With each step a gentle wind blows, with each step a flower blooms” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village walking meditation song.

It could be said
that I have not been
so mindful, after all;
despite mind thinking to the contrary.

Somehow missing
your beautiful offering
right in front of my face.

Wearing glasses would have helped, true.
More so, not having this decaying
obsolete brick wall, supposedly protecting
me from being hurt again
from the outside,
blocking  perceptions,
which otherwise reveal
fields of blooms beckoning connection.
And receiving no shortage of suitors –
crawling, walking, flying, buzzing,
even bouncing to dance or gaze
in your golden-glow presence.

Sitting silently in the morning as your petals unfurl
feeling sun’s heat and shine
after their nightly embrace.
Me, hearing the magical, meditative sounds
like golden prayer flags fluttering gracefully
with varying winds
as other’s in nature come excitedly calling.

Thank you for now being so obvious,
practically neon yellow, orange, golden
givers of pollen, beauty and joy.
With my eyes open
and the wall partially taken down
it’s clear that you’re almost everywhere.
If I can see your brightness
there’s also hope I will see
less obvious conditions of happiness
which are already in and around me.

Beauty, presente!

So wonderful that you are also
drought tolerant
as there is less water this year
and I often do not
have much to say.

Another fruit of my interbeing with our California state flower is this fun, calming meditative video: 3 minute Golden Poppy-Powered Relaxation.
Hope you enjoy it!

State law makes it a misdemeanor to cut or remove any California Poppy plant growing on state or county highways or public lands, except by authorized government employees and contractors; it is also against the law to remove plants on private property without the permission of the owner (California Penal Code.)


45 thoughts on “Golden Poppy-Powered Moment

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Oh….your poem is beautiful! I love how you show that nature is often the catalyst for awareness….bringing enough momentary peace to realize that we haven’t been as aware as we could be. And I absolutely love our state flower. There aren’t as many this year through the canyons leading to Yosemite, but oh…they’re lovely.

  2. janyasilad

    Every single thing we humans build, tend to decay…and when they do,
    they go back to their homeland: the Undisturbed Earth.
    Thanks for brightening our days with these yellow poppies! 😀

      1. janyasilad

        Indeed! Now, it made me curious: what do we (humans) offer in return?
        Coherent words, like ‘pretty?’ Our insights?
        Do our offerings (assuming that we do give that) make a difference?
        Perhaps, these poppies are contented to give us our oxygen.

      2. smilecalm Post author

        wonderful to have that curiosity!
        humans in general, have so much potential
        to express a beautiful creativity.
        it’s undertandable to get discouraged by human folly.
        each of us has an opportunity
        to dwell in harmony
        finding joy in this gift of life,
        good luck 🙂

      1. lauramacky

        You are golden poppy welcome! Wow more? That’s incredible. I really love poppies. I should’ve gotten out more to take pics of them. They were everywhere here.

  3. nicseventysix

    Just such a perfect refreshment as well as ‘mindfulness bell’ to enjoy your blog post, David! An hour ago or so I sent you an email from my new email address by the way. Smiles, Nicole.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for your kind observation!
      after a friend pointed them out a few weeks ago
      i enjoyed being in their company with a camera 🙂

  4. Bastet

    A great post…I’d never seen a golden poppy, ours are all red…and I’ve never heard of the idea that one could break the law picking a wild flower either. A lovely poem and great photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for your kind reflection. i admit to having picked a few a long time ago. once picked they wither and die pretty quick. they look so much nicer in the ground!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      i appreciate your kind words, Kellie!
      bright golden flowers somehow are easier
      for me to be mindful of
      then smaller, but no less worthy blooms!
      thankfully they’ve been protected over 100 years
      or they might not be so abundant 🙂

  5. ♡eM

    Smile, thank you for sharing such glowing beauty in word form. I am happy to see the little pollinator thriving. May pesticide use decline as their numbers rise. Peace and smiles!

  6. FeatherMoon Poet

    Loving the essence of mother nature in the “now” despite her deeply hidden needs… This vision is truly magical. Thank you for you. Much peace and light to your heart~*

  7. ShethP

    “If I can see your brightness
    there’s also hope I will see
    less obvious conditions of happiness
    which are already in and around me.”

    Beautifully expressed and lovely photographs to go along with it! 🙂 We truly need to open our eyes and only then will we be able to bask in nature’s glory.

  8. Morguie

    The background on my blog is a pic of our local poppy fields that I took about a month ago. They are in plentiful bloom this year here. An awesome show to say the least.


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