Drains to Creek

“On the moon, now, there is no flower, no oak tree, no cloud. On our planet we have all these things. Every time I go out for walking meditation, I feel so happy to step on the oak leaves, to see the tiny stream by my hermitage. Everything is so beautiful. We can see that in the entire universe there is not another planet so beautiful. We are so lucky. Every day, though, we live on this planet, but we don’t realize how lucky we are. I wonder if the fish in the pond can see that beauty, the bird flying in the beautiful empty space, the deer in the field browsing. Do they know? But we, we know. Human beings, before, we were apes. We walked with four limbs. Then, at a certain moment, we stood up. Instead of having an ape’s name, we then had the name “Homo erectus”. We could use our two limbs in order to do things. Eventually we became “Homo sapiens”, humans who know. When we are mindful, we can call ourselves “Homo conscius.” We enjoy the manifestation of all these gifts in nature. This is mindfulness: being aware of what is going on. When we get in touch with what is beautiful, we transform the anguish in us into joy, happiness, and love.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

drains to creek
drains to creek

See the leaves!
Do they fit and fuss
as their paths
returningย to the soil
to again transform
into their elemental state
areย blocked?

Deep down we all know
they will find a way,
even if it takes thousands of years.
Taking refuge in their mother nature
is their solace.
Likely they will not
behave as victims
of the concrete and other unnatural barriers
in their way,
or feel sad.

Today I aspire to live
in my heart, body and mind
with the sageness of leaves
which have quietly fallen
with grace.

28 Replies to “Drains to Creek”

  1. Beautiful images, and a fitting side dish of wise words:-) I hope you’re well my friend. The last update on Thay’s health on Nov 16th from Plum Village was positive. I continue to send my support in mindfulness… Love and blessings, Harula xxx

    1. thank you for your unwavering kindness, harula!
      i can use all the support i can get.
      and Thay, like everyone
      at times
      needs loving, compassionate energy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ah, “with the sageness of leaves”…bravo! bravo!! This moves me to a fulness of acceptance and wonder that allows a little more space to let things be and to let them change…and to see the beauty in it all. Thank you.

  3. Lovely! I really love “When we are mindful, we can call ourselves ‘Homo conscius'”. The pictures are stunning, I love the changing colours of leaves ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lovely words and absolutely beautiful pictures. I love the opening lines to your poem. ‘See the leaves! Do they fit and fuss . . .’ What a lovely description of autumn leaves as they land on the earth.

  5. Such beautiful posts of serenity and beautyโ™ฅ
    Thank you for dropping by my site with your warmth and for sharing your light, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do take care and stay awesome!

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