Neither Staying nor Leaving

appearing separate

Joyfully walking the ‘hood
bright eyes engaging
any people
or nature
that would.

Keeping heads up
leaves smiled back.
But many people would not,
Perhaps in a complex
they are caught.

As meditators capable of seeing deeply
into the nature of things,
we recognize that all is
manifest from star-dust and energy.
If asked,
even leaves reveal this.
Yet glimpsing of today’s news
reveals endless messages
of separateness.

We’ve experienced
how feeling inferior,
superior or the same
often causes pain
in ourselves and others.
That these complexes
create cunning barriers,
to brotherhood, sisterhood
& our true nature
of interbeing
with all
on this beautiful
spinning, spaceball.

How peaceful
and harmoniously
leaves flutter, then lie together.
Wonderful and beautiful teachers.

difference & sameness
difference & sameness

We are all
the leaves of one tree.
The time has come
for all
to live as one.
We are all the leaves of one tree. ~Plum Village meditation practice song.


49 Replies to “Neither Staying nor Leaving”

  1. Beautiful thoughts that touch me deeply. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful message into my consciousness as I begin my Saturday, David. Yes, I am free to be aware that I am one with all I perceive and even with all that I do not. I have no obligation to place myself somewhere in an arbitrary hierarchy of virtue or accomplishment, and if I find that I am doing so, I am free to bring myself back to the mantra, We are all leaves of one tree. May all beings be at ease. May they all be free from suffering. When my heart breaks with injustices inflicted upon some of us by others of us, I am free to be aware that each of us, regardless of our thoughts and actions, is working out our karma. As insight develops I am free to do all I can to bring about relief from suffering, my own as well as others. We are indeed all leaves of one tree!

  2. Reblogged this on sonnische and commented:
    These beautiful images offer us the opportunity to realize we are “inter-are.” We share the cycle of life we all living things, plants, animals and people. I hope you’ll enjoy the exquisite poem the author shares here reminding us we are all leaves of the same tree.

  3. so beautiful… in sounds of the poetical touches and also in thoughts and also in the colours of these amazing phogographs… Thank you dear Smilecalm, love, nia

  4. Hello, your post title really caught my eye the other day. I didn’t have a chance to comment.
    “Neither staying nor leaving”… I feel one reaches this stage in life when there’s no longer a need to feel & feed emotional pain. When we need to let go yet not sure exactly of what, we might as well “neither stay nor leave”. Because it wont matter anymore.

    We are all one, indeed. Plus, great photos too 🙂
    Natalia xx

    1. thank you, Natalie for your kind words and insight!
      the post also hinted at considering
      the trap of dualistic thinking
      & being caught in either
      of a pair of opposites 🙂

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