Beautifully my roses froze; Aloha kâkou

When people see some things as beautiful,
Other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
Other things become bad. ~Tao Te Ching


beauty frozen in time

My darling little rose flowers,
was it just a mere post ago
your beckoning red-violet
form & fragrance
embodied loveliness
& sensuality?

How quickly conditions change.
Winter’s ice suddenly
freezing your natural blossoms,
hastening a return
to back from where they came.

Holding you gently
as you are, now.
Transcending dualistic ideas
of aging & physical attractiveness,
form & thought.
Grateful we are still here,
just as we are
during life’s last winter days.
Seeing myself in you
affected by cold & age.
Thank you for this time together,
eternally short & sweet.

Cold bringing appreciation of warmth,
thus I am sharing a Hawaiian Island memory, below.
A blessing song sang by students of Kanu O Ka charter school
while visiting the Hopi Reservation in Arizona in 2002.
They recorded this short a-cappella for my children’s radio show, “Shooting Stars.”
Aloha kâkou! May there be friendship & love between us all!

May hearing this gently rain warmth in our heart’s blossoms.



59 thoughts on “Beautifully my roses froze; Aloha kâkou

  1. milliethom

    The photos of the frozen roses are lovely, as are the words you have written to accompany them. I love the phrase, ‘Cold brings appreciation of warmth . . .’ and how you have related it to your Hawaiian Island memory.

  2. INCOMESCO/Jagadish

    I like meditation. Despite having strong desire, I am not good at blog, While searching, I found your blog is exceptionally brilliant. To make WordPress community now I have started to follow your blog too. Keep it up, Good luck and Happy new year.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      i appreciate your kind words, my friend!
      somewhere in the heart
      is an inspiration
      to write and share
      and i’m sure
      blogging skill can be cultivated 🙂

  3. carolahand

    David, such beautiful photos and reflections about ever-changing life – the essence of life transcends surface appearances. And I love the video that created links and understanding between cultures!

  4. islandrain2013

    Compassion flows
    Like a ribbon
    To the sea
    And back
    To you and me

    Delicately fragile post, and yet filled with poignant strength…until it feels like one and the same. Thank you, David! 🌸

  5. The GMLA

    I wonder what happens when more is allowed to become good instead of bad? When bad becomes to petty? Great pictures the rose is my fav.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for kindly making the rose more wonderful, my friend!
      finding equanimity with notions of good and bad are quite a riddle, imho 🙂

      1. The GMLA

        I just posted some pictures you liked on my old blog. That blog I dumped. this is a new one.

  6. Thomas Peace (author)

    Beautiful shots and poem!
    Though Emily Dickinson was of duality some… she was not (fortunately) engulfed by it…
    From E.D.:

    Tho’ my destiny be Fustian —
    Hers be damask fine —
    Tho’ she wear a silver apron —
    I, a less divine —

    Still, my little Gypsy being
    I would far prefer,
    Still, my little sunburnt bosom
    To her Rosier,

    For, when Frosts, their punctual fingers
    On her forehead lay,
    You and I, and Dr. Holland,
    Bloom Eternally!

    Roses of a steadfast summer
    In a steadfast land,
    Where no Autumn lifts her pencil —
    And no Reapers stand!

  7. hitandrun1964

    Lovely photographs. But I believe that a rose enhances the beauty of everything around it, making things more wonderful and beautiful. It’s like the sun shining and making every thing it touches brighter…so too the rose shares it’s light making other things glitter and glow.

  8. ShethP

    Your words always make me feel as if I have lots to learn, which I know I do, but from spheres of life which I would have rarely dwelled upon! The opening quote hits the point home and I admire your way with words… ” Seeing myself in you affected by cold & age.” Beautiful! 🙂 Thanks again for one more worthy post!

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for your kind words, ShethP!
      sometimes inspired words come to me
      from i’m not sure where, but i’m happy when they do and can be heard by others 🙂

  9. Mazigrace

    “Thank you for this time together,eternally short & sweet.” Love that and that you are so grateful that you had them in your life. Truly beautiful photos and prose. And thanks for the follow. May we meet again soon on these pages.


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