When it’s Spring in February, Bloom!

Fearlessness is not only possible, it is the ultimate joy.
When you touch non-fear, you are free. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

early bloom pollen ~d nelson

Richly hued, fragrant blossom’s
delicately vulnerable beauty
belies her calm wisdom.
Yes, I know, she says
I am here early,
clearly days are still short.
But I answer to nature’s
eternal, life giving mystery.
With February becoming
California’s new March,
conditions of soil, sun
& moisture bring out my
sensually-inviting pedals.

It is not my spirit
to worry anxiously
or become mad or sad.
This is my time to manifest,
my short, sweet time
for offering beauty to the world.
Thus, I do my best,
doing no less than to fully bloom,
contributing colorful transitory
prospects of continuation.

early bloom pollinator
early bloom pollinator

Sending sweet wishes to
those who are uneasy
about changing weather,
east coast arctic vortexes, record cold,
contrasting west coast lack of rain & snowfall.
Have calm patience,
while dwelling boldly
in freedom of negativity,
or divisive words or actions.
Express your authentic
inner & outer beauty.
Peacefully abide with heart’s wisdom
for living in sustainable harmony
with our mother earth.

And also consider utilizing those
spare Keystone XL pipes
to build a cross-country
water pipeline
benefiting humanity,
& other living things
which need water
to thrive & bloom.

86 Replies to “When it’s Spring in February, Bloom!”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your words and images with us, David. We are in the mountains of northeastern PA today where it was 3 degrees F when I woke up. We just returned from Florida where we lounged around a sparkling pool in the 85-degree sun. Your post reminded me that spring will indeed come here, in her own time, apparently. And I also love the water pipeline idea. Canadians could export some of that snow down our way, and if it leaked, so be it! Great idea!

    1. Wishing you warmth and continued patience, Sonnische! I was hoping for a bit of winter this time, and may make a quick trip to the sierra where there’s a small amount of snow. Thanks for supporting the water pipeline idea 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on sonnische and commented:
    These beautiful photographs and wise words remind us that acceptance of what is and thus letting go of fear and savoring beauty as we find it, is a gift. And I fervently hope that those unneeded pipeline segments could indeed be used to bring water to our deserts. What a lovely thought! A lotus blossom to all of you, my friends.

  3. You’ve blessed me this morning with your poem and photographs, brother. I’ll take this with me into meditation. Peace, John

  4. I swear sometimes Karma sends you to me Smilecalm. I was thinking of my Mr. Impeccable and why just being near him gives me liberty and you answered that question. I touch fearless in him and it calms me. Fearless is a must dealing with me especially the closer you are to me. I am a headfull to deal with on a continuous basis.

    Thank you.

  5. Beautiful post! I feel guilty sometimes sitting out on our deck enjoying the view and the sunshine knowing we need more water. And to think about the poor farmers who will not get more water for their crops. 😦 I do try to enjoy what I see though right now because it’s a beautiful time of year. Even though it’s more than a month early.

  6. Lovely sentiments and beautiful colors, David. The flowers are certainly dwelling boldly in freedom from negativity, offering their grace fully even as they yield to ancestral cues that know precisely how to respond to the mysterious seasons– ones both dry and wet. The pipeline may have difficulties. I’m thinking of sending clouds… 🙂 As a supplement, perhaps we could turn the pipes into industrial didgeridoos and call upon the thunder beings.


  7. David…you have such a masterful way with words. Always happy to hear your voice. I’ve been so impatient with the weather this week – weather rage I call it. And this morning I was thinking about you wondering how you are…and you appear…reminding me that everything is temporary and there is beauty in everything. Sigh ☺ thank you. And the pipeline idea rocks!!

    1. thank you for your kindness, Julia!
      yes, i’ve been having too much warm weather in the winter rage, yet staying calm enough to recognize & enjoy the blooms. ohh what i’d give for some sensual, frigid winter weather, to glide in snow and shiver 🙂

  8. The poem is absolutely wonderful, Smilecalm. The imagery you create brings shape and colour before our eyes – even without the glorious photos you display. I really love the idea of blooms ‘contributing colorful transitory prospects of continuation.’ A beautiful description of the continuity of life. 🙂

    1. thank you milliethom for your kind thoughts!
      i formed appreciation for blossom’s significance back in the 70’s when I lived in Japan. their fleeting beauty can be seen in all being’s impermanence 🙂

      1. You lucky thing. 🙂 I’d give anything to spend some time in Japan. I’m glad it had such an influence on your appreciation of beauty and your wonderful poetry. 🙂

  9. As our ten year drought is slightly soothed by five days and hence two feet of snow in the high desert northeastern NM, your thought of a cross country water pipeline is fearlessly perfect. I would send some of what is still predicted to fall on us across the mountain to Santa Fe where there is still no moisture – and Boston could send it to you.

  10. If only we had the wisdom of the flower! I read an article once how flowers/plants manipulate animals of various sorts, including humans, to ensure their survival. We see beauty and enjoy the scents, bees and other pollinators find something that differs from what we do, all helping to ensure propogation and perpetuation of the speicies. I like the feel of your writing here too.

    1. thank you for your kind observation, Charlie!
      for some reason the comment was in my spam folder.
      now it is transformed from compost
      into a beautiful flower 🙂

  11. It’s not only having no fear, it is also having no doubt. When you believe you are capable of your dream there is no room for doubt. I wanted to also thank you for reading my post on Tina Turner I have always admired her fighting spirit, especially when she was told she was an over the hill singer and look at everything she did after that!

  12. This morning I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award. As you are one of the blogs I follow, primarily because your work resonates with my soul and inspires me, I thought I would nominate you as well. For more information about this award, read my latest post. Feel free to accept or reject 🙂 In any case, may this year be filled with love, light, and positive energy.!

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