Retreating into Deep Safety

Each time we find ourselves dispersed and find it difficult to gain control of ourselves by different means, the method of watching the breath should always be used. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

deepening together ~d nelson

Can I share my most sacred secrets with you, dear brown flower?
Inquiring minds want to know that they are safe.
Emotions need to feel they are safe.
Fragile bodies want to feel safe
to relax, to dance with the trees

Tai Chi 4 1 & all

despite inner storms
& weather fluctuations
acknowledging inner flames
& that the first three months of 2015
set new global heat records.

going with the flow ~d nelson

Coming together, deepening together,
flowing, returning, never leaving
year after year, yet somehow
timeless & eternal.

path climbing

There are beautifully blissful moments in the pure land,
as well as depressed-despairing moments in hell
here in this earthling’s tiny vessel
which often rests in equanimity,
experiencing ripples, briefly.

cook’s moment

Thank you for returning
to create this sacred container
made of precious deep safety
in which to be real
in this crazy, beautifully-delicious world.

point of practice

Gratitude for this gift, this moment
embracing with love
& humble high aspirations
of doing no harm
to living & non living beings
even if they have harmed me.
Understanding that actions of body, speech & mind
are my true continuations in the world.

Buddha nature is natural

51 Replies to “Retreating into Deep Safety”

  1. Beautiful, David. Each image and verse was itself a safe place to dwell. There is more happening than we could possibly comprehend, yet in the breath we find the safety and generosity needed to meet precisely that which presents itself in any given moment… Stay cool…! One thing I’m enjoying as I’ve followed your blog here is the way it keeps me in touch with the full climate of the planet… It is a really interesting awareness to hold…


    1. thanks for offering your insightful kind reflection, Michael.
      from my years of living in AZ
      i breath in hot, breath out cool
      repeating as necessary,
      and it’s always necessary πŸ™‚

  2. I have stepped upon Holy Ground here, David. What a beautiful, gentle, Loving post. I feel the spirit of ONE here, the Blessed Energy that knows we are ONE. The Breath is Sacred, much more then most understand. When we breathe we breathe LIFE. All cycles of Life are Holy and when we come to understand this Truth, we no longer fight them, but we accept them. From out of all Cycles, comes growth towards walking away from illusion. I walk with you this day, in Serenity, in ONE-ness, in Love. Many Blessings to you this day. Namaste with Love, Amy ❀

    1. smiling to your kind heart, dear Amy!
      your insightful words offered me
      are worthy of posting to others
      to lighten their worries,
      along with your artwork!
      as i go out to paddle
      i’m inspired to take my
      100mm macro, just like yours πŸ™‚

      1. Oh!!! I can hardly wait to see what MAGIC you find, David. And you shall! As you flow with water and wind, may the Elementals show you exactly where Treasure lies awating you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

    1. thank you dear Alison
      for skillfully reminding me
      of your most profound & generous
      gifting of supportive words.
      i’ll do my best being mindful in the future
      aided by more coffee during early morning postings & other blogosphere tasks πŸ™‚

  3. Magnificent! Beautiful flow of images and words, one can feel the light energy of it all.
    Thank you.
    Natalia xx

  4. Yes. You have given me an idea for my next post. I will post an image of my bumper sticker and license plate holder. Thank you. I wondered what would come next. Thanks to you, now I know.

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