Breakable Beauty

Paradoxically, we achieve true wholeness only by embracing our fragility and sometimes, our brokenness ~Jalaja Bonheim

d chihuly 8 ~d nelson
boats towards the other shore, d chihuly 8 ~d nelson

Dreamed of a way to offer
protection to you, my dear ones.
In this dream I ask,
“what if you were not affected
by a lack of, or excess amounts
of water?”
This prolonged drought
out west could not harm you.
Nor could high waters
from floods or risings seas.
Resulting social & economic distress
would not worry your breakable heart.

d chihuly ~d nelson
d chihuly ~d nelson

Upon awakening I realized
that manifesting most colorful,
earth & fire sculptured
water-independent beings,
devoid of life-giving breath
who would still be quite fragile,
created as much,
if not more, sadness
for us both,
despite such vibrant beauty.

d chihuly 2
d chihuly 2

Perhaps a rather silly
glassy-eyed dream.
I own it, it’s my dream.
And what dream of yours
offers visions of a happy, resilient
continuation for future generations?

Faced with possible disappearance
of 75 percent of animal species
within just three human lifetimes
during, what’s now called
a sixth mass extinction
presently set in motion,
dreams, even abstract-glassy ones
offer me hopeful energy.

Breathing in
I know you are there
a miracle
at the same time
I am here
& this makes me
very happy.
Offering nothing less than
my hand-blown
fragile heart of love
that all beings be from harm
now, & long into the future.

If we allow despair to take over, we have no strength left to do anything at all. That is why we should do anything that can prevent despair, including meditation… Because people know what is happening but allow it to happen and cannot do anything – there are so many of them – because they have despair in them, and they try only to survive. You can help them to sort out [what is] inside, you can help them to have hope, to have peace in themselves, and suddenly they have strength to come back to themselves… and that person will be an instrument for protection of the environment. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

54 Replies to “Breakable Beauty”

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this incredible glasswork, Michael! I visited in Seattle. Fortunately only captured images and didn’t bump into anything πŸ™‚
      May you be well, david.

  1. Absolutely mesmerizing… πŸ’«βœ¨πŸŒŸGreat art intertwined with wonderful poetry… Thanks so much! πŸ™‚
    All the best to you!, Aquileana πŸ˜€

  2. David, this post is incredible! Dale Chihuly’s work has captivated me for years. I have seen his work in museums, galleries, and even hotel lobbies and other public spaces. Yes, we stand at the brink, but we cannot allow despair to creep in and enervate us. I thought of this as I rinsed the parsley for today’s green smoothie. Half of it had gone bad, but I found enough to use, rinsing away the bad parts, but trying not to let the faucet run too long. Thank you for your beautiful words and images, as ever!

  3. So much hope here! I am strengthened by your words and delighted by the art. A few years ago, at the children’s museum in Indianapolis, they had what must have been Chihuly’s work above us, like in the hallway here, but in one central room with a giant round ottoman/bean bag where you could sit or lie down. I could have stayed there for hours, reclined, gazing at the wonder of light coming through the colors.

  4. I am a big fan of Chihuly, and found this post is especially moving. The words and photos, quotes about fragility and despair, it all melted together so very gracefully. Thank you so much.

  5. Well there is still much compassion in the world. hat would not be me. I am too selfish and cut throat business. Good Luck to you.

  6. Absolutely stunning art work, together with beautiful poetry. Amazing shapes and colours in your “glassy eyed dream”.. I also love the words by Thich Nhat Hanh about meditation and preventing despair. Thank you for a lovely post.

  7. David, the colors and the designs and your words and then the final quote, all put me on the edge of my seat in absolute wonderment and saying/feeling heartache yet with Hope. I focus on Beauty, on Good, turning my back on the destruction and darkness that has descended this earth. I refuse to bow down to the plague that has this planet in its grip of insanity, and shall to my last breath, stay within Calm, to BE Love, and to create Peace with my every step. Bless you, my friend, for the work you are doing. I know I have not been here in a while … so many come to me for a touch of Love. But when I do come here, I am always reminded of Truth and our Purpose here while on this Beautiful Planet. It is such an honor to call you friend. With Love, Amy ❀

  8. Beautiful post and images once again, David. I am reminded by the subject of your piece here that I have seen one of Dale Chihuly’s installations at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, which is sort of an obvious marriage of the themes of this piece. Your compassion shines through your writing and your dreaming here, David, and I think you are right: we are far more beautiful as beings of water (ductile, fluid, responsive, as in moved to tears) than of glass (fixed, immobile, brittle, unable to adapt or respond). It is our resiliency on which I count. While there is much suffering to be seen, we seldom understand the stories that unfold in particular lives– how they come about or where they ultimately lead. You have awakened a call for Love, and touched upon the difficult issue of suffering– which always calls for compassionate understanding.


    1. thank you for helping me & others
      to live with the integrity of awakened masters and thus use our fluid nature to bend & go with the flow, and not break or shatter with the hot, dry winds of change, Michael.

  9. My first reaction to this post is pretty much drooling over the exquisite beauty of Chihuly’s art which I never tire of. The first two photographs are particularly beautiful. And then your poem, your prayer, your benediction for all humanity and the planet. It is as simple as the miracle of you there, me here, hearts beating, life living itself.

    1. smiling to your fluid confirmation
      that we are flowing together,
      determined to live the best we can, Alison
      and keep our hearts filled with love πŸ™‚

    1. gratitude for your continued kind, personal insights, eM!
      Equanimity is my challenge. I’m happy when walking that tightrope is perceived as balance πŸ™‚

      1. What a poetic way to express the concept of balance, “walking that tightrope”. Thanks for this comment, Smile. I’m glad to read that you’re happy as you do so, as my own tightrope often sways and seesaws unpredictably. I imagine being mindful as I teeter along it. And at moments I am, which brings to me this sense of balance, or at least a presence that temporarily grounds me. I suppose this is why I continue to seek balance, even when it is a simple fancy of sorts. Moments of being present are just so flitting and fleeting for me. Right now, as I sit in the shade of an oak tree on this hot summer (we’ve just turned toward summer today on this top half of the planet) day, I am present for you and me. May we continue to walk and even wobble quite happily. πŸ™‚

  10. Sand rendered fluid in searing, directed breath
    Flowing through formless, sagacious hands
    Out into a fixed contrivance of aesthetic unicity
    From which never had it been apart from art

  11. Exuberant vision of beauty manifests into extravagant fragility for admiration.
    Art for ? sake.
    Thank you for this juxtaposition David. It will stick with me πŸ™‚

  12. Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful post- I’m going to visit the Chihuly in Seattle in a few weeks- I love your vibrant photos!

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