Pets Practicing Perseverance

Animals are reliable; many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions,
grateful, and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. ~Alfred A. Montapert

Y R U walking Me here, meowww? ~d nelson

Y R U walking Me here, meowww? ~d nelson

For a long, long time
you have exemplified
beautifully peaceful co-existence.
Taking only what is needed
for subsistence
not rooting or chewing up
much more than necessary.

continue paddling slowly! ~d nelson

continue paddling slowly! ~d nelson

Archeology suggests that dogs as pets may date back to at least 12,000 years ago ~Wikipedia

Dear companions on this earthly journey
we’re not too old
to learn new tricks.
Please continue having patience
and boundless compassion
as you train us
to be content
staring out this window,
content to sit,
stay & let go;
even with our wandering thoughts
& conflicted heart.
Persevere in training us
to offer
unconditional love,
to wag more & bark less
during our brief
but wondrous
time here
with you
& all
our relations.

β€œHarm no person, animal, plant or mineral.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master


42 thoughts on “Pets Practicing Perseverance

    1. smilecalm Post author

      i’m happy knowing of your
      best friend teacher, Hariod!
      i too am indebted to the 4 legged
      companion who taught me
      dog walking meditation πŸ™‚

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for happily
      moooing along with my
      childhood friends across
      the fenced pasture, Val!
      I’m happy your friends
      are there for you πŸ™‚

  1. Sonnische

    I love your characterization of pets as teachers of mindfulness and present-centeredness, satisfied with enough but always ecstatic to receive more. Yes, may we wag more and bark less. As the Karaniya Metta Sutta tells us, we are to strive to be “…able and upright, straightforward and gentle in speech, humble and not conceited, contented and easily satisfied…” We who adopt rescues and treat our pets with kindness and respect, welcoming their loyal companionship and unconditional love are living ahimsa, the principle of nonharming.

  2. Glazed

    A drunk came home,
    Kicked his dog,
    Woke up next morning,
    To his dog licking his face.
    (We can learn a lot about forgiveness from dogs.)
    Nice post!

  3. Michael

    Our pets do indeed have so much to teach us. It’s amazing how loud the scared dogs bark. And how affectionate the contented cat can be… And how happy the dogs can be when they are driven around in cars…! ha! Beautiful pictures with this post, David. My heart is overflowing.


  4. JoAnna

    And such a wondrous time it is! I’ve had dogs in my home for what feels like 90% of my life. They are the most honest creatures I’ve known. They want nothing more than to be included as part of the family. Thank you for showing that here, and for including a variety of other beings.


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