Hundreds More Smiles

One standing a little left
the other just a little to the right,
Teacher & Student both near
yet, somehow far apart.

Hundreds of smiles,
along with the fate of humanity
await this reconciliation.

Oh, to embody wisdom teachings
borne from ancient ancestor’s desires to transcend
life’s minor pains & major devastations, varying as
scrapes, aching shoulders, misunderstandings; even anger & terrorism,
to dwell contentedly among fellow flowers in this vibrant garden.
Peaceful, well-being can clearly be
seen at bottom of pool’s shallow end.
We can play there with our water fins & waders
as we build up endurance for the deeper, darker end,
– a worthy, attainable aspiration.

Sitting Between Steps, Thich Nhat Hanh & students ~d nelson, flickr. Taken during a walking meditation rest at Prajna Temple (Bhat Nah), March 2007.

While healing one or more lifetimes of misunderstandings & hurt
in a short while is too much to ask for,
it is most possible to find near pain-free, happy relief
by stopping in this moment, yes, this one,
fully aware of breathing going on,
then rejoicing for that gentle pause
with a gratuitous, big smile!
At that moment
the teacher within
& the wise teachers, without
come together, to also
rejoice, smiling.

You’re warmly invited, my friend
to witness Hundreds More Smiles
of those who recently attended
& benefited from a mindfulness retreat
entitled, “Breathe, It’ll Be OK.” held at Deer Park, California.
Genuine expressions of real happiness & refuge
attained with supportive friends
who offered their true presence.
May it water your own smile’s seed of happiness
& bring a few moments of inner peace!

Gratitude to my friend Elizabeth who plays her piano so beautifully
& the Heart & Soul chorus for offering backing vocals
on my song, “Thank You, Dear Teacher.”

Conscious, mindful  breaths, along with peaceful steps & genuine smiles can clearly bring us ease and reduce anxieties & fear. These actions of peace in ourselves, and peace in the world are also for children far into the future.

“We say we want to strike against terror, we want to destroy terrorism, but do we even know where to find it? Can we locate it with a radar? Can the army find terrorism using its night goggles and heat sensors?

Misunderstanding, fear, anger, and hatred are the roots of terrorism. They cannot be located by the military. Bombs and missiles cannot reach them, let alone destroy them, for terrorism lies in the hearts of human beings. To uproot terror, we need to begin by looking at our own hearts. We don’t need to destroy each other, either physically or psychologically. Only by calming our minds and looking deeply inside ourselves will we develop the insight to identify the roots of terrorism. With compassion and communication, terrorism can be uprooted and transformed into love.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

smiles-124 ~d nelson

smiles-124 ~d nelson



55 thoughts on “Hundreds More Smiles

  1. harulawordsthatserve

    Such a beautiful, and necessary post. We need the power of smiles and the wisdom of true peace more than ever right now. I can’t wait to watch this when I’m somewhere with decent internet connection – but at least I got to read your soothing, inspiring words…now 🙂 Blessings, Harula xxx

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Beautiful post, Smile. So many heartfelt smiles – people all together in their hearts. Must have been an incredible time. Breathe, it’ll be ok. Just watching that video, I will probably be smiling all day. 🙂

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thanks for letting me know about enjoying the song, Glazed! retreat was at Deer Park meditation center in California. wishing you a peaceful day 🙂

  3. niasunset

    How nice to know that you are there, keeping the power of love and smile… distance is never important, we can fly by our heart wings… Thank you so much dear Smile. This is great post and great event, be sure I can feel the power of your smiles… I am sure the effect of your power travelling aroun d the world. Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, love, nia

  4. Ka

    Hi David,
    Smiling and breathing, everything will be okay 🙂
    There’s so much more breath awareness in the experience of remembering and being reminded here!
    This video made me smile ~ all of it ~ warms my heart, song, piano, guitar: voice and voices.

  5. Hariod Brawn

    I find putting the trace, or remnants, of a smile upon my face as I commence meditating to be a powerful way to begin practice David. And yet the same effect works in everyday activities of course, and the physiological change unfailingly brings in tow its psychological counterpart.

    With metta, Hariod.

  6. AmyRose🌹

    I spent a long time here, David, really soaking up this post. This world needs more smiles, more JOY, more connection again. The “plan” to separate and destroy is so prevalent today yet if we who are aware begin to start with our own selves by living in Peace, Love, and Joy, and passing these Gifts to others, we together weave a Path of Conscious Living based on our natural state of BEing …. LOVE. Bless YOU for this post and sharing it with all of us who came here to view. Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend. Love, Amy ❤

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for offering words
      & spiritual guidance
      that touch so deeply, Amy!
      as the song says, “thank you, dear teacher”
      & you are one of mine 🙂

      1. AmyRose🌹

        Dearest David, as I write these words to you, tears sting my eyes. Your endearing words have a great to me, ever so gently giving me the added fuel needed to continue walking the path I do walk. I am so deeply grateful to you. Much love, Amy ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Jet Eliot

    A post filled with hearty smiles, compassion and kindness, beautiful music and wise words. A lovely way to start my Sunday….and all days. Thank you so much, David.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      I appreciate your kindness, Genie,
      & happy you like the smiles & my song.
      I enjoyed the turkey video. Now I won’t ever need to write a song with the lyric,
      “don’t touch my giblets.” 🙂

  8. Michael

    Such a radiant collage of smiles and sound you have provided here, David. I breath easier just witnessing this ensemble of hearts. Something I see here is more real, more tangible and more powerful than all our stalking illusions of suffering and terror.


    1. smilecalm Post author

      I’m grateful for your time to watch the smiles music video & share your thoughts, Michael! I guess my only true weapon against terrorism is being able to smile, despite it all. May you be well. 🙂

  9. bruce thomas witzel

    I don’t think I commented here yet David. This post – the song and photos of so many smiles, truly lift my spirit – in a world that at times seems so off kilter, it is good to remember there is so much grounded-ness too. Thank you.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      i’m happy you enjoyed the smiles & song, Bruce. as that expression came to me during the retreat, it a happy on-going memory for me also. may we keep our happiness & compassion alive 🙂


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