Wheels on the Bike Go Round & Round

Before starting the car,
I know where I am going.
The car and I are one.
If the car goes fast, I go fast.
~Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

joyful down the trail ~d nelson
joyful down the trail ~d nelson

Innocently Young One’s high voice,
sweet & song-like, queried;
“why so serious,
must you… will you,
always be adulting?
Olderself, c’mon out,
lets play!
And I don’t mean
the lottery or cards!”

After a few calm breaths
recognizing Youngerself’s wisdom,
I said “yes, lets play,
let’s go ride a bike
out in nature,
feel the breeze,
soar past trees
unafraid to mud up
my nose and knees.”

muddy bike-1
muddy bike-1 ~d nelson

When mindfully riding
on the bike,
awareness arises
that during a cycle
bike & I are one.
Joyfully we travel together,
arriving safely in each moment
even when bouncing through
pot-holed city streets,
passed by distracted drivers,
braking into deep
ruts, puddles & streams
on the way to loved ones
who are not surprised
to hold me,
wet & muddy.
Their smile indicating
it’s a-OK for me to continue
letting go of adulting,
at least for now.

Enjoy peddling as it reduces stress, keeps you feeling young,
increases muscle strength, improves cardiovascular health,
reduces transportation costs & lowers carbon footprints upon mother earth.
Also, remember to wear a helmet, dear young ones.
Please enjoy this cycling music video, Why Cycle, Go Ride A Bike!;
produced a few years ago, featuring the singing of my friend, Manon.

54 Replies to “Wheels on the Bike Go Round & Round”

  1. “Adulting” — what a great encapsulation! I do too much of that, too little of playing. Thanks for the reminder, friend. Glad you are getting out on your bike on those beautiful trails!

  2. ahhh. the artistry that is nature and all the life that goes on around us that is the backdrop as we get out and appreciate what’s around us. I am in the same mood, cool vibe

  3. There is a wonderful childlike freedom while riding a bike, which you express beautifully David. Besides the brakes failing on me once, (which was funny to watch, but not to experience!) most of bike riding has been fun! 🙂 Happy riding my friend.

    1. thank you for your kind supportive comment, Karen. the disc brakes on my mountain bike can stop way too fast, if not careful. may we all have the right amount of brakes for the conditions 🙂

  4. Wonderful………and thanks for sharing your friend’s song. It would be lovely to see car drivers swop to cycling in inner Melbourne. We have many cycling lanes and cyclists, but it would be good to see less polluting cars on the roads.

    Interesting note: my new home in a 6 storey apartment block by the river (1 of 5 buildings) has cycling racks at the foot of every car space in the two basements car parks. Many of those racks have tenant’s bikes already filling the wall mounts and it good to see how the architects encourage tenants to ride the nearby cycling paths by the river and into the city. I don’t see that many cars in the spaces, just bikes so I wonder if the tenants don’t have cars at all.

    1. thank you Vicki for these worthwhile endorsements of peddle power. perhaps local people will get a movement going to encourage bike usage, as well as creation of safe bike infastructure, like in Amsterdam. When people feel safe, riding becomes joyful through town. It’s relatively safe in the small CA town I live in. Enjoy your “car-free” day 🙂

  5. Good for you, David! Maybe it’s because I grew up in a hillside neighborhood with no sidewalks and plenty of blind curves that I never owned a bike, so I admire you and yours! Is that graceful shrub in the Lakeside 6 photo manzanita? I remember it from Girl Scout Camp in Angeles National Forest. A long time ago!

    1. i’m happy to share the cycling with you, sunny, as i’ve been doing it as long as i remember. The reddish tree is a manzanita, pretty common here in N Cal. wishing you a joyful, adventurous day 🙂

  6. What a lovely path! Such fun being reminded of riding a bike as a child. I always pretended it was a horse. Now that I am adulting (not really. I’m still eight), I find I don’t like fixing flats. I hike to beautiful places where bikes can’t really go anyway. I loved your biking writing.
    Happy Trails

    1. thanks for riding along on the bike with me Mary. Glad you make it to places even bikes can’t reach. I’m not into fixing flats either and try to have good tires and stay off thorns 🙂

  7. Weeee…!!!
    Zoom zoom– (uh-oh–!)
    (Note to adult patterns within:
    Any bits of wood over 3″ diameter
    should be considered logs, and
    be in their rightful natural place–
    not on the trail.)

    No skinned knees I hope. Although it could be fun to keep the adulting off-line a bit longer and compare scars… 🙂


    1. i’m gonna have as much
      fun as Michael going down
      this hill, in fact
      i’m going down without
      using the brakes this time,
      no scars, but i can
      show off some bruises 🙂

  8. “Why must you ‘always be adulting’?” That one is going on the list of things I’m going to say . . . mostly to myself. Peace.

      1. thank you for your kind reflection
        of Manon’s singing of my song!
        I enjoy your muddy way with words
        and expressing from the heart, Ka 🙂

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