Please Let Me Know When I’m Caught

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. ” ~Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch, in To Kill a Mockingbird

come to me ~d nelson
Itsy, Bitsy says come unto me ~d nelson

Can we talk
well, of course we can
said the stranger standing behind me
in the grocery express check-out.
I could not have known that
those thirteen minutes in line
would offer ample time to restore
mindfully breathing, calming & caring.

inviting fine strands 2
inviting fine strands 2

Why is this line moving so slow?
People don’t have any money to spend
& it took me all afternoon to scrounge
up these few dollars in order to eat today.
Listening to her continued words, admittedly
feeling unpleasant irritation about standing in this non-express lane.
Refreshing my flower to avoid getting selfishly caught,
such that compassion was mostly what I felt for her difficulties.
Breathing in, aware of my feelings
breathing out, calming strong feelings.

won't pinch on purpose
won’t pinch on purpose

When it came time to check out I paid
for my groceries, then offered to pay for hers.
She said, “ya thanks, but no way
am I going to be entangled with you.”
Breathe. Ok!
I smiled as we walked out to the parking lot,
me to my bike, wishing her well;
her, into evening’s darkness
with food, at least for tonight.

unaware they're caught ~d nelson
unaware they’re caught ~d nelson

At home continuing calming & smiling
yet curious about the state of things in the world,
then a brief glance at news on the web;
on the public & peace news venues & blogs.
Before getting to any good news & Yes offerings
my heart & mind confronted details of what
human beings said & did to each other, here
and across the planet, yesterday & today.
Defilement’s to the earth for profit,
suffering to animals, even a baby dolphin
had me snarled in strong, sad,
painful feelings & thoughts about being human.

web in wind
web in wind

Breathing in, calming strong feelings,
breathe out, feeling calmer.
Breathing in, gladdening the mind,
breathe out, experiencing kinder thoughts.
Breathing in, concentrating the mind.
Breathing out, sending out loving & healing energy
to those who are in pain, hungry & in need.

May they have adequate safety, satisfaction & connection.
May we all get in touch with conditions of happiness
that are present at this very moment.

neatly packaged snare
neatly packaged snare

Now offering forgiveness to those who are so cruel
as their very hurt permits their minds to hurt others.
Offering perpetrators a bow as they help me better
cultivate my own inner love for the earth
& have strength to speak & act for the protection of all life.

inviting fine strands
inviting fine strands

May all beings be free of misperceptions,
that capture them in webs of delusion,
where they’re devoured by hate & greed.
May I better have this courage, myself
so that I may be able to more fully bloom.
As I’m sure it will again happen, I’m asking
to tell me when I am
caught, please.

hopes bloom pollen

We have to learn to look at our body and our feelings as rivers. In the river of the body, each drop of water is a cell, always changing; birth and death take place in each moment. The same is true with the river of feelings. Feelings are born, stay for a while, and then die. To practice contemplation of the feelings in the feelings means that we sit on the bank of the river of feelings, observe them, and become those feelings. Sitting mindfully, we do not allow ourselves to drown in our feelings. Mindfulness helps us to embrace and identify our feelings. ~Thich Nhat Hanh, from The Path of Emancipation.

68 Replies to “Please Let Me Know When I’m Caught”

  1. What a lovely meditation, and one I especially needed this morning, as I work with experiencing deep, difficult emotion without getting caught. Thank you, Friend!

  2. Truly beautiful and reading this I found myself concentrating on my breath, slowing down the world outside to concentrate on the inner. Loved it all, may the lines below become a reality for more of us.
    ‘May all beings be free of misperceptions,
    that capture them in webs of delusion’

  3. The depth of your peace, David, and your gift for expressing it here, sharing it, is remarkable. The web photos, skillfully integrated with your meditation and daily experience, the quote, is a work of art. So well done, that I carry it with me into the day ahead. Thank you.

      1. Thank you dear David, you can’t imagine how nice to receive this sunny day in California, especially in a dark and rainy day in here… Love, nia

  4. Nice… except that when feelings arise one actually is those feelings (with no center of regulation looking at them); so there is nothing to “embrace” from or “identify” from. Saying that there is is only partial and fragmentary… and leads to an unconscious (or conscious) belief in a center that is fictional and illusory. One can also be when feelings are absent; then too, there is no real center, controller, or ego without feelings.

  5. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is a skarry thawt havving to skrowndj for fud!!! i had to do it wunse wen i wuz lost in the canyon but not ennymore!!! it is gud to stop and lissen to peepul sumtimes isnt it??? altho the jiant spiders ar a littel skarry!!! ok bye

  6. Spider webs are hard to see and sometimes I am caught before I realize it! A beautiful reminder in your words and pictures David, to feel what is within and to use our breath to untangle these emotions and to let go easily.

  7. Being with our feelings is like being caught and being ok with it until the web lets go. I saved a spider today, from the sink. It thought it was being caught, but then decided to trust and through that, found freedom. Thank you for sharing your experience, your feelings, your process, your pictures…you.

  8. It’s so easy to forget to breathe and stay calm in the midst of everyday life and struggles. Thank you for this lovely reminder that we can smile calm.

  9. You’ve given so much in this one post, I don’t really know how to respond, other then, the state of this world depends on you and me and all those who CHOOSE, to practice Love, Peace, and ONENESS. Feeling those violent feelings born out of terror and soul hurt and then letting them go, takes a super human of will to do, for those are the very feelings that spell destruction if embraced. To see all as the River of Life takes practice, so much. And to extend Love to those who hurt us … again so much practice. Yet if we wish to see this world saved, LOVE is the only answer to its needs. Powerful post, my friend. You are incredible!! ❤

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