Skis With Bears

Sierra Glow ~d nelson
Sierra Peak’s Glow ~d nelson

He would escape occupation
of non stop media
tapping into & googling
his mind & essential being.

wet journey there
wet journey there

He sought that non-local place
before lyrics,
before Rolling Stones, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters;
before radio & rotary phones.

out of boundries
out of boundaries

Entering vast new spaces
where elements clearly rule,
welcoming all who dare
come to play there.

by in a blur
by in a blur

Initial release of knots
& stored energies went
swiftly down hills
towards physical relief.

seeing the signs
seeing the signs

Less frenzied revealed
ease in reading obvious signs
to slow, to glide, to appreciate
fresh air experienced
breathing in.

sunlight thru trees
sunlight thru trees

Looking at & seeing those gifts
of colors & shapes
that have been since
before human ancestors,
he smiles.

climbing higher
climbing higher

Striding & poling up
towards his higher aspiration
of inter-connectivity to what is
& has been since before
the beginning.

one of many mtns
one of many mtns

Trusting guidance from teachers,
inner wisdom & intuition
to chart a course
with no clear, guaranteed path.

Taking refuge in shelters
at each & every peak overcome
where nourishment & rest
revitalize his shining little light.

snow prints
snow prints

Tracks in the snow
transport his consciousness
to where there are no names,
no maps, no time;
just it;
this is it!

bear's stand-in
bear’s stand-in

His spirit joyfully skis
with bears who lived contentedly
in raw wilds of nature
& slept cozy in winter’s charm.
He asks that they
may awaken safely,
to harmoniously roam free, again.
May it be so for human beings
as well.

47 Replies to “Skis With Bears”

  1. May we slow, glide, appreciate fresh air and the gifts of colors and shapes that have been here forever. May we stride and pole up toward our higher aspiration of inter-connectivity to what is and has been. May we trust the guidance from teachers, inner wisdom and intuition as we find our path. May we always listen to the wise words of David Nelson. :). Thank you for wise words, enchanting photographs, lovely energy and peace.

  2. Your journey opened a path for me, to find my strength and to trust that the ones who have travelled before me will always be there to guide my next step. Your journey reminded me to take refuge and slow down when I need it, so I can see the signs, and to be present with what is. Thankyou and many blessings David.

  3. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that luks like a nice peeseful playse with sum kyoot paw prints in the snow!!! i hav never seen snow myself but my sister trixie yoozed to tel me how much she luvd it!!! ok bye

  4. We don’t often get to see the tracks of those before us, reminds me that we all have mountains to climb. Lovely adventure, David, thank you for taking us along. What a thrill to see the bear tracks.

  5. I like that all that climbing and sliding and nourishment begins and ends in beauty. And I thank this man for being such a helpful guide through such alpine wonders… 🙂


  6. This takes me back indeed David, to those days when I did a bit of cross country skiing myself. Not quite before radio’s and Muddy Water, but from the photos of your trek I totally get your meaning. As an aside, I also wanted to thank you for the review you did for Francis a couple years ago. I recently used it to help promote her Easter book sale…. it has (and is) going well, beyond what she dreamed of. Very affirming. The ebb and flow of life. Maybe like the ups and downs of cross country skiing… and at times you reach that little shack up near the summit. Peace & love, my friend.

    1. makes me happy hearing of your past journeys on xc skis, Bruce. how wonderful that Francis book is getting warm receptions into others awareness 🙂

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