Death By Peanut Butter

remember running free? ~d nelson
remember running free? ~d nelson

It’s said some stared in disbelief
& others turned away
while a brave few spoke out
from their hearts.

peanut butter jar ~d nelson
peanut butter jar ~d nelson

At one time they’d all
been human beings,
stopping to smell flowers,
moving towards total,
collective awakening.

flower calling out
flower calling out

But slowly the masses consumption,
with all of nature on the menu,
transformed them into mindless rats
racing towards their
just reward awaiting
baited in traps.

creamy illusion
creamy illusion

It tastes so good, he said.
It feels so good, she said.
Creamy, delectable, satisfying
their mind’s need for more comfort
in their increasingly uncomfortable,
polluted, heating-up situation.


Fortunately, all species ancestor’s aspiration
for descendant’s resilient survival
blossomed in conscious heart’s & minds
resulting in a change of diet
just before finishing
off the last jar.

scurry towards nature
scurry towards nature

It is exactly because the Buddha was a human being that countless Buddhas are possible ~Thich Nhat Hanh

48 Replies to “Death By Peanut Butter”

      1. Hopefully so, indeed. But it seems to me like once you figure a trap out, it’s impossible for it to ever catch you again.

  1. Live traps, release the mice/rats and let them live, no more baited killer traps!
    I like your analogy, indeed, humans must change their habits and diet.

    1. makes me happy
      knowing you are there
      taking care of yourself
      & others, Genie!
      Mind certainly has the capacity
      for harmony,
      freedom or imprisonment πŸ™‚

      1. I just remembered: peanut butter is the cure for hick ups (that is, if one is not allergic to peanuts).

  2. “…their minds need for more comfort…” Perhaps an appreciation for simple contentedness? Enough seems often more than enough. Thanks for the reflective pause, David.

  3. may we all recognise
    the choices open to us
    avoid the traps; hearts and minds free from blind following.
    Beautiful post – now heading outside to the warm sunny garden to smell the flowers!

  4. Sometimes it seems as if we are lemmings
    all headed to those traps and our demise
    but I believe the innate wisdom in each of us
    to consciousness will eventually rise.
    Alison xox

    1. thank you for kindly understanding
      with me Alison!
      Awakening & doing our best
      offers new possibilities
      that doing nothing
      does not seem to offer πŸ™‚

  5. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav never had peenut butter i no we hav a jar of it sumware but i never git enny it is verry sad!!! altho i do not want to hav deth by peenut butter so maybe it is not so sad after all!!! ok bye

  6. It takes wisdom to resist the sweetly poisonous temptations in life. The photo of the little beast running free made my day.

  7. A beautiful tail of redemption, David! Ha! And I really loved your closing quote from Thich Nhat Han. So beautiful. It is interesting the way we seek for material comforts as the surroundings become increasingly uncomfortable on a material level, when in truth the comfort is right within us– the possibility of countless Buddhas arising…

    Your words are always gentle, encouraging and insightful. I love to read them.


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