Homes Don’t Just Grow On Trees

You are part of the universe; you are made of stars. When you look at your loved one, you see that he is also made of stars and carries eternity inside. Looking in this way, we naturally feel reverence. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

a home's bloom ~d nelson

a home’s bloom ~d nelson

Sitting & breathing in quiet amazement
contemplating just a few
of the countless forces
of nature that came together
so that my safe refuge,
a house, can manifest!

home with a view

home with a view

From the known universe’s frozen vastness
this small planet orbits a star,
one of 300 billion in this galaxy, alone,
gets warmed & energized by our life-giving sun!
Our solar system has come so far
in its 5 billion year existence.
Just how incredibly amazing is that?



A fragile atmosphere protects earth,
held in place by gravity’s gentle pull,
making weather possible as we
rotate at 23.5 degrees, creating seasons
so that growth of vegetation & trees
can, from mere seeds, come together in beautiful ways.
Just how amazing are trees?

Breathing in I know that much
of the oxygen-rich air in my lungs
is produced by trees.
And then they offer the fruit
of their existence to become lumber
which provides me shelter!

Providing a most basic safety need
yet, my house is vulnerable & could burn.
Do I have the conditions of resilience necessary
to rebuild & renew again
like exampled by a tree?
It’s amazing just to have such a thought!

home where all r welcome ~d nelson

home where all r welcome ~d nelson

So all those conditions of universe,
sun, seeds, weather, trees, workers
and much more have created
a house, miraculously!
Offering my gratitude,
expressed as love,
to you, to all,
truly makes this home.


62 thoughts on “Homes Don’t Just Grow On Trees

  1. Erik Herndon

    I truly enjoyed this poetic reflection and I am reminded to have gratitude for my home and all the wonders that create home! Thank you!

  2. Genie

    I’m amazed that the home with a view has couches on the deck that don’t look ☔️ rain proof, in Canada, you just don’t see that, ah, the joys of livng in warmer climates, but, as you point out, there is a down side — wildfires and drought (we get that here too, though), oh well, no place is the perfect place to live, that’s why meditation is helpful, balancing the mind to find ways to live within one’s circumstances.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      thank you for joyfully being part
      of the view from home, Genie!
      i’m meditating on my friends
      in the north, sitting outside
      taking in nature’s glory
      with the waterproof bean bag chairs 🙂

  3. Carol A. Hand

    Beautiful reflections, David. You inspired me to go outside and give thanks to the tree:.

    Gazing up at surrounding trees
    silhouetted against cloudy sky
    watching as four eagles circle above
    grateful for the sheltering life-giving presence

  4. Annika Perry

    David, wonderful reflections on our (fragile & unlikely) presence in this university and drawn in by your analogy between our physical homes and that within us. Lovely – peaceful and thoughtful as ever. Hoping you’re having a good weekend. 😀

  5. Sarah

    Thank you for the reminder, David. A refuge of our own is something to be very grateful for. A lot of poor people in the world don’t have a roof to protect them from weather or walls to protect them whilst sleeping, let alone any of our modern comforts. I shudder to think what that would be like.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      smiling to your clear understanding, Tom!
      thanks for doing your best to keep this house hot, only on the inside,
      and much more cool & pleasant on the outside 🙂

  6. AmyRose🌹

    Your home with a view is one I only dream of, David, and kudos for you! As for this reflection of yours, trees out power us for they are able to regenerate, yet this frail vessel made of star dust, is not able to. (to an extent) … I Love looking at Life through your eyes and I personally thank you for encouraging me, every time I do visit here, that there are those of us who really care and who are seeding this beautiful planet with Peace and with Love. Much Love and Peace, dear friend!! ❤

      1. AmyRose🌹

        David, your words have been with me all day long. I am humbled by you, the Lion. I do what my Heart guides me to do that which you see and know. Bless you, dear friend. ❤

  7. LaVagabonde

    I came across an article the other day that spoke of increasing evidence that trees express emotion, communicate with each other, and make friends. They are also stardust. Thank you for a beautiful reflection on shelter.

    1. smilecalm Post author

      Tree whisperer friends have told
      of long hearing directly from tree ancestors about how we are all
      rooted together! I’m happy to hear of recent scientific proof, my traveling friend! i smile recognizing your home is where your heart is, offering compassionate shelter to yourself & loved ones 🙂

  8. Hariod Brawn

    Your lovely post, and the TNH quote in particular, reminded me of this little passage from a wonderful book I once read, David:

    ‘You are roughly eighteen billion years old and made of matter that has been cycled through the multi-million degree heat of innumerable giant stars. You are composed of particles that once were scattered across thousands of light years of inter-stellar space; particles that were blasted out of exploding suns and that for eons drifted through the cold, starlit vacuum of the galaxy. You are very much a child of the cosmos.’

    – David Darling, from the book ‘Equations of Eternity’

  9. Cate

    A lovely reflection on the physical structures in which we find refuge and, in ending, on the home we offer each other whenever we create safe spaces of attention, acceptance and welcome.

  10. Sue Dreamwalker

    Beautiful views David, and yes I agree with you to give thanks to the trees for their gifts of lumber and our life’s breath.. Beautiful collection 🙂
    We who live in our beloved homes are most fortunate, and I am ever grateful as I think of those who are homeless..
    Enjoy your week David..

  11. Michael

    I was thinking something similar just the other day– about how resilient the atmosphere has been to all the human rummaging around on this planet. It may seem otherwise, as we’ve certainly created some novel conditions, but overall when you see it as you have shown it here, we realize how precisely poised for well-being our little planet is… It is truly remarkable. I also loved what you said about how gratitude, expressed as love, provides that feeling of home. So true… anywhere we go…

    Peace and Love

  12. Jet Eliot

    What a delightful embrace of different homes in different states of being. And your gratitude and reflection are so, ahhh, grounding and pure and peaceful. Always a deep pleasure and honor to be here, David.


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