Will 2016 Be Remembered As Another Vintage Year?

Start by doing what’s necessary;
then do what’s possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

our vintage, now ~d nelson
our vintage, now ~d nelson

Many of us are rejoicing
at this harvest’s bounty.
Patiently following sun,
rain, soil ,toil & good fortune
the fruits of our labors
are being stomped in vats
to release their juices
& commence fermentation.

After aging, then bottling
and even more mysterious aging -a revealing decanting!
Some may find hints of apricot,
or perhaps chocolate and lilacs.
Those with sensitive palates
will find hints of manure,
sulfur & other toxins.

Loving words will glisten
against the shiny crystal,
while sediments of impure
thoughts & actions will float
below the surface, easily disturbed.
We know how long
these bitter tastes have remained.

Ingredients lists will surely include
aspirations of protecting all life,
recognizing that each are connected
to all else, including ourselves.
Generosity & kindness of loved ones
and complete strangers & their children,
welcoming to the table those in need
of safety & connection will beautifully embolden.

Uncork listening with the intent of healing
those in such pain that they
may become a terrorist to themselves
or to entire continents unless befriended.
This, of course, includes ourself.
Our glass may be half full of sorrow & pain
& also half empty of empathy & happiness
but as skillful winemakers
we know that an embrace of equanimity
makes a fragrant future possible.

our vintage, now 4
our vintage, now 4

Let us raise our glass to the possible.

90 Replies to “Will 2016 Be Remembered As Another Vintage Year?”

      1. in this vast vista of vineyards
        your poetic bouquet is deeply appreciated, Hariod! i can feel it fueling
        my inner fermentation as i type πŸ™‚

  1. “Start by doing what is necessary”…. A quote for every situation. Drinking from the sweet nectar of life in all its forms, helps us dream the impossible into being! Salute’ David 🍷

  2. Indeed David, let us raise our glasses to the possible! Beautiful theme and photos – are they of things that you have had a hand in growing?

    1. toasting to your blessings, sara!
      while i water the backyard’s small table grape vine, i enjoy the vistas of vineyards while cycling by nearby country roads πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful words, wisdom and images.
    I guess it doesn’t really matter if one’s glass is half full or half empty, as long as we recognise the Balance of Life and its lessons.

  4. I love the Saint Francis quote, the light in the photo beneath it, the pleasant surprise of grape juice at the end, and everything in between. Cheers!

  5. Such crucial insights conveyed by apt metaphors, David, and especially important to consider in these tumultuous times. Although I don’t drink wine or any alcohol, I will lovingly raise a glass of clean water with all “to the possible.”

  6. Life can be sweet and smooth like a well fermented glass of wine, yet there will be days that leave a sour and bitter taste on our palate. We should take the good and the bad in equal measure — strength of character is a fine bouquet. I enjoyed your writing very much, and it made me ponder quite a bit. Thank you and cheers to you!

  7. Such a wonderful guide to the cycle of wine as well as our cycle where we embrace life in this vintage year as they all are vintage.

  8. Beautiful images of autumn’s bounty in California and thank you for your beautiful words as well! This native Californian (now in the diaspora in the east) and sober lover of life salutes your choice of the glorious grape, sans the “spike” but imbued with the spirit of conviviality and love. A votre santΓ©, mon ami!

  9. Beautiful post, David and I love the analogy you draw between the winemaking and life itself. Such a worthy considered list to include and then even in uncorking so much dependant at this stage. Wonderful atmospheric photos and to start a lovely quote – one for me to save and savour!

  10. I raise my glass to you!
    Let’s drink to focusing on
    all the good we see and feel and share.
    I keep remembering: things are not getting
    worse. They are getting revealed. And
    for that I’m grateful. Only with revelation will
    change arise. I drink to that!
    Alison ❀

  11. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm chenin blanc!!! i hav seen my dada powring stuf owt of bottels wot say that!!! eksept his do not say non alkoholic on them wotever that meens or duznt meen!!! i think grayps shoor ar pritty but i am not allowd to eet them!!! ok bye

  12. Such a delicious and complex message this is, David — truly a masterful post. Here’s a toast (clink clink) to bountiful harvests and the sweet taste of life~~

  13. This is a beautiful post David, all of it from beginning to end. I’m especially going to contemplate on the quote from St. Francis. I also want to ask for your forgiveness, for not following through with my letter to Thay and your Sanga communities, in regards to Charles Brandt’s 50th celebration. The reasons are both complex and they are not – ultimately, I am responsible for this failing. I will share with you now, that the celebration this past Saturday was a wonderful occasion. Thank you for open willingness to help…. with humility, friendship and hope – Bruce

    1. thank for your kind words, Bruce. makes me happy hearing that the celebration was wonderfully successful. i was going to ask about the letter earlier, but it seems that often these days i don’t follow up. perhaps i think people have become too busy or something. perhaps i’m afraid of being hurt. it’s a beautiful fall morning here. hope you’re not about to get over-run with American immigrants πŸ™‚

  14. What a delightful post David.. love your words here my friend.. And I love nothing better than harvest time and I enjoy a bottle of the red.. But have been known in the past to make wine from strawberries.. and from rhubarb.. that was just the best but it took around 2 yrs to clear lol before we bottled it .. πŸ™‚ and parsnip is good too.. πŸ™‚
    I raise my glass to you and May yours always be full of possibilities along with health and happiness..
    Blessings Sue ❀

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