Peace Begins With Your Lovely Smile!

Even in the mud and scum of things, something always, always sings.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh
calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh

As a veteran I took a walk
in nature for Veteran’s Day.
There I heard the song
of wind through redwoods
and remaining Scrub Jays.

sun shines down on everything ~d nelson
sun shines down on everything ~d nelson

Contemplating words from children over the past few days
who have experienced racist vandalism and attacks at their schools.
I feel as if the “Land of the Free” may soon no longer be free, says one.
Why is it so OK now for adults & kids to act so uncivil, asks another.
A friend’s 13-year-old daughter said “Hate won.”
Children & adults wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity
with victims of racist, religious or homophobic abuse.

burned renewal
burned renewal

IMHO, besides ignorance & hate, another truth
is voters rejected big money in politics
& the entrenched power structure those monies buy.
I believe in time leaders will be elected that embody wisdom & compassion,
and allow all those who now feel powerless and disenfranchised,
and who have been left out of our politics and left behind in our economy.

contemplative redwood forest ~d nelson
contemplative redwood forest ~d nelson

Among ancient trees I hear calm whispers,
breath, it will be OK. Yes, dear one, we ask that you do it!
Feel yourself present for the fragile glory of this moment.
We’ve weathered a millennia of seasons, survived fire,
floods, droughts & clear cuts. With patience we endure.
How long shall you endure?

my lucky charm? ~d nelson
my lucky charm? ~d nelson

As luck would have it. Seeing the sun
shine down on the trees, warming,
life-giving, without discrimination
inspired me to cultivate an
inner smile that I could offer to others like rain,
or sunshine, without discrimination.

calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh
calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh

Sending a smile & a real hug
to all, as it seems all
including me,
are now in real need.

94 Replies to “Peace Begins With Your Lovely Smile!”

  1. I always enter the woods David when the world gets too much and I also ” believe in time leaders will be elected that embody wisdom & compassion,”.. I really do.. The world needs more hugs and smiles right now.. Thank you so so much for sharing yours along with these Ancient Beings whose roots have stood the test of time..
    May we did deep into our own roots and find the way to our hearts.. and learn they need to open up to the Light of love.. xxx ❤ xxx

    1. your companionship
      in the forest certainly
      was supportive, Sue!
      in those flickering rays
      through dark green canopy
      was dazzling bright hope
      of open peaceful hearts
      emerging from this time of fire 🙂

      1. Yes the roots of any tree is ground deep within the forest.. And the many leaves are supported by it bringing to it life.. Yet the tree knows when to part with the leaves to allow them to nourish its roots.. Nature shows us many ways in which we can find balance. I hope too that as the leaves fall to the ground we learn that through the Seasons of Change.. Renewal of Spring will once again rise with the Sun.. ❤ xxx

  2. Where there is hate let me sow love.
    I didn’t know about the safety pin movement.
    I will begin wearing one today.

  3. I sooooo adore that Emerson quote, a new favourite I think; honest, true and full of hope. And the quotes you include from children really touched my heart deeply. “Why is it so OK now for adults & kids to act so uncivil?” I don’t know the answer to thar britlliant crystal clear question, but I will reflect on it. Love, and wishes of peace and well being to ALL…Harula xxx

    1. touched by your reflection today, harula!
      thank you for being the answer
      by showing how to courageously care
      for yourself & others with compassionate words & actions 🙂

  4. Thank you, David.
    We need to be reminded, and remember, that We The People only LEND our power to elected representatives. In remembering to stand in our own power, we cannot be left behind. The Universe knows no magnitude. That is a human concept. So, my dear friend, continue to remember and remind us that simply standing in our own power is valid.
    Holding all in Love and Light! 😉 xoM

  5. Ahh, this walk through the redwoods was just what I needed, David. Thank you for the wise words here, and calm. I truly do believe everything will be okay, and your lovely post and the quotes, was a soothing reminder.

  6. Totally agreed on the necessity of removing money from politics, David. Among more important and far-reaching considerations, corporate money was what rigged things (within the Democrats) in Hillary’s favour, and at Bernie’s expense – he would’ve trounced Trump, in my view. Too clever by half. Just like all those tactical voters who would’ve voted for Stein but felt they had stop Trump by supporting Hillary. Vote with your conscience, folks.

    1. happy to receive your words
      which i fully agree with, Hariod!
      seems the graft & corruption
      used to be a little out of sight
      instead of blatantly worn
      on politicians collars,
      like lipstick & perfume
      from an adulterous affair 🙂

  7. Calming wise words in these slightly crazy times. It is as simple as breathing – it will be okay. Smile and the hope embodied therein spreads further and further afield. We mustn’t forget to look up, at the trees and continue to live. Lovely post, disarming to the fear and those that want fear to become part of the institution. Hugs & smiles all round and thank you for sharing. Whilst so much causes me to despair in the world, so much too prompts me to believe everything will be okay – reading posts as this one is a powerful force indeed.

  8. A vote is for a future, and a decision infuenced by the past. There is a lot of anger here and in the EU and it is always easiest to blame those that appear to be different. I think we can expect some large, not so good changes overall, no matter who is president. Failed policies of the past…have a price we must pay. If I knew of a good retreat I would go there, to think and understand what we should do. Consider long and be at peace, David. 🙂

    1. thank you for this reflection, robert!
      it certainly was not a vote for harmony
      and well-being for all.
      wishing you a peaceful, satisfying retreat,
      hopefully with your camera, in nature 🙂

  9. I felt really saddened after the U.S. election result. All we can hope for is that genuine compassion and the glow from our inner hearts will melt the civil unrest, hate and prejudice that we see so much of today. Perhaps one drop in the ocean of wisdom will eventually ripple out to a future leader and bring him/her to the centre of all mankind and peace will eventually prevail.

    If only there had been other nominees and more choice)? Perhaps if voting was compulsory in the U.S. (as we have in Australia) there might have been a different outcome?

    Whatever the answer, there is always Hope.

    1. thank you for your kind, insightful sentiments, Vicki. that an ill-prepared, inappropriate person should be elected is a sad testament to this society. compulsory voting seems logical. may those drops of wisdom you wish for stream out and get us all to harmoniously tread, up-coming, deep water, together 🙂

  10. I had never heard that Emerson quote before today. The photos are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.This hope is much appreciated. I want to remember this inner simile, without discrimination, when I see the sun shining and know that it’s always shining somewhere.

  11. The uni-verse acknowledged these words as my oven timer beeped as I read them:
    Sending a smile & a real hug
    to all, as it seems all
    including me,
    are now in real need.

    Thanks for a nurturing post with spectacular photos to get lost in.
    WordPress folks are really stepping up this week, speaking truths and embracing love…

    1. i’m happy you are able to accept
      the smile and hug with beeping support, Linda! There are many inspired beings
      here in the wp blogosphere, it’s true!
      wishing you joy in each moment 🙂

  12. All things must pass and so will this. There is so much fear out there and that breeds hatred. Some think I don’t care because I’m calm through all of this, but I do care and that’s why I’m calm.

  13. Lovely, David. Your voice calms and inspires. I like to think sometimes of the trees who have lived through so many wars on this Earth, and still they stand tall, communing quietly with the light.


  14. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope my mama and dada kan maybe see this and relaks a littel they hav ben stressd owt for neerly a week i do not no why but i gess sumthing happend last week wot got them all shook up!!! seemd like just another week to me tho!!! maybe i am the lukky wun!!! ok bye

  15. Another lovely post, my friend, though I cannot see how electing a billionaire exemplar of me-first capitalism constitutes a rejection of big money. I recently heard the election outcome described as a vote for nihilism, and that seemed true to me — an unthinking “blow up the system” response from angry, fearful voters. I have observed that “unthinking” usually ends up reminding us that things can always get worse. Thank you as always for your gentleness; Peace to you.

    1. Thanks Cate for your kind words!
      Certainly no shortage of monies here, that’s for sure. I was referring to one side
      amassing several times more in campaign “contributions”, than the other. Of course the other side had lots of discretionary money attained by destroying the lives of many. Thank you for the reminder that things can get worse. Let us hope and act for the better 🙂

  16. It’s as if the permission slip was signed for all who hate. They are angry no doubt, and beneath that is fear of course. What a confused bunch we are. Smiles and hugs back to you David. If enough of us focus on that all will be okay.
    Alison xo

  17. Beautiful post… very moving and deep words… And love the photographs as well… we are safe when we are surrounded by Nature, that´s a fact! 😉
    Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  18. “Why is it so OK now for adults & kids to act so uncivil?” I would venture… it is because over the past decade or so people have learned how to treat each other that way on social networking platforms and channels – and now it is spilling over into real life (although nobody really wants to say it, because that would mean that the “technology god” will have to be criticised). Like you, David, I seek out trees in difficult or uncertain times. They always provide me with a sense of peace – just by spending time in their presence – which I can take with me when I go home. Thank you for these pictures (I especially like the 4th one) and your kind and wise words.

    1. oh, such wise insights, Jean-Jacques!
      the lack of efficacy in using technologies
      that reduce our human experience
      clearly affects us. smiling to your
      kind presence in the forest, receiving & giving it freshness, keeping it from fire’s harm 🙂

  19. I am sending a smile and a hug in return. 😀 I hope they help to douse your inner fires.
    The world desperately needs people who can remain calm and kind under provocation. Thank you for your struggle.

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