Unlimited Free Shipping: Mindful Remembrance Drops

drops of remembrance ~d nelson

A gift that keeps giving begins with a bell’s sound
awakening drops of yearning to be redeemed, actualized.
Breathe In, aware of what is going on within.
Breathe Out, aware of what is going on without.
Each remembrance, a drop of compassionate nectar.

persimmon drops
persimmon drops

With the Energy of Mindfulness
conditions of happiness reveal themselves.
Like drops of golden sunshine through fog.
There is no need to fear any emotion
knowing that unpleasant feelings can be held,
comforted & patiently transformed into vibrant flowers.

drops of remembrance 3~d nelson
drops of remembrance 3~d nelson

Feeling better I hear seasonal jingle, jingles.
So how can I mindfully share my time & energy being of service
to others in need during this chilly holiday time?
Volunteering, perhaps to help older relatives with house/yard work.
They may need help with laundry or something-like plumbing
where I could assist after a little guidance from a YouTube video.
They may push-away at first, but I’ll keep smiling with heart open.

helping hands ~d nelson
helping hands ~d nelson

Remembering that everyone needs help, comfort of some kind,
I could, even, give this relief to neighbors I don’t know.
There are elders, or less-abled needing help replacing the batteries
on home smoke and CO2 alarms, or too-high light bulbs.
There is a gift giving program that needs volunteer
present wrappers that will even appreciate a bad wrapper, like me.
Perhaps I can help prepare & serve food or bring guitar,
voice & cheerful song to the senior center.
And the birdies outside would be most grateful
for some seeds and water that’s not frozen.

persimmon drops 3
persimmon drops 3

Mindfulness exposing present moments.
With breathing, smiling, calming & some food
most all of my needs are met. What happiness!
Mindfulness imparts remembrance.
Each breath, a bell of mindfulness, a drop of compassion.
Remembrance nurturing gratitude for conditions
which have given us life, talents, success’ and failures.
This energy can bring about a wisdom of non-discrimination.
Touching personal sufferings &
my ancestor’s great suffering through hard times
& even, barely surviving atrocities,
I must now have a moment of silence
remembering those who are victims, at this moment;
in Syria, Africa, Afghanistan, and many other locations.
Breathing in, cultivating peace in myself.
Breathing out, sending out drops of peace
& love for my neighbors and for the world.

drops of remembrance 2~d nelson
drops of remembrance 2~d nelson

89 Replies to “Unlimited Free Shipping: Mindful Remembrance Drops”

  1. I’ve had such a hard time calming myself recently, even with all the centering/mindfulness tricks I learned before. I know this means I need to make more spaces for it in my life, so my mind/body can return to the goodness of present with greater ease, but … it’s slow once having reached the point of being on red alert for so long.

    All of that is build-up to saying: Thank you. Reading this, I felt my forehead un-wrinkle, my shoulders ease, and my jaw loosen. I’ll likely return to this poem a few times the next few days. Mmm.

    1. stably sitting, breathing calm with you, Deborah. miracles of mindfulness
      can truly be experienced, as you have shared,
      but often it takes support of others
      to patiently transform mud into flowers. may the next deep
      calm breath bring relaxation
      and ease to your heart πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful photos, in my view, especially the top one. And I love your sentiments about mindfulness. I’ll echo them with this:

    mindfulness reconnects us
    with that which is natural
    and subtle
    and sometimes forgotten

  3. “Mindfulness imparts Remembrance” Beautiful post. There are so many ways to give and be present throughout this season. May we all find a drop of compassion and peace to share with one another and the world. Your words and wisdom fill us up David and help us share this wealth of abundance within us all. Namaste.

    1. thank you for your kind words, Karen! somehow i did not notice your generous comment until this moment. i am filling up with gratitude and happiness, which is great just before falling asleep. thanks to you i’ll waken smiling πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful images and beautiful words! Your post brings this out from me:
    Saying thank you to servers and helpers everywhere. Asking, how are you when they ask me the same. Thanks for asking, they often say, which tells me they hear it far too infrequently. This holiday season, the gifts are mailed, the cards are too. Our inherited prelit tree twinkles nearby. Christmas and Hanukkah time in Florida, with new friends and old, family near and far, and a new world of wildlife to explore, appreciate and love.

    1. smiling to your festive ready-to-go tree, Sunny! a wonderful remembrance of those who serve us and their for need us
      to show the love. may it be so,
      over & over πŸ™‚

  5. Exceptionally beautiful images, David, and your words are a gentle encouragement to me on a day I can use just that. And thank you, too, for the reminder to be of service: My elderly mother is benefiting from the kindness of neighbors who are changing too-high light bulbs and scooping snow. Little kindnesses matter; we appreciate the reminder!

    1. smiling to your drops of kindness, Cate!
      wishing your mother & all those in need of help connection to those of us
      still capable of sharing some energy and a smile πŸ™‚

  6. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay mmm persimmons!!! i bet i wud like those!!! that is a lot of gud advice for peepul this time of yeer to reemember those less fortchoonat or hoo may just need a littel help we all kud yooze sum frum time to time i think!!! ok bye

  7. Beautiful thoughts and lovely images.

    As an older single person with no car and chronic/pain fatigue, may I suggest one of the best things to give the elderly (apart from your company) might be to take them for a drive in the country, mountains, coastal road or even somewhere special they want to see.

    Personally, I think nothing is worse than staring at 4 walls every day (in the times I am housebound with pain). Just breathing in the fresh air, feeling the wind on your face, listening to the water rushing down a river or the waves crashing on the beach, always feels special to me. If you live in a snow laden winter, perhaps this is not possible. Remembering the elderly can’t necessarily walk very far, but that doesn’t mean they mightn’t enjoy being driven out for the day/afternoon (with a stop for a special afternoon tea).

    1. thank you, Vicki for this helpful
      remembrance! taking out an elder for a drive sounds simple, but i can see the value of getting out and enjoying a ride and tea! now i’m wondering if any would like a ride on the electric bike, or a paddle on the raft in the nearby river? lots of fresh air, but maybe too exciting πŸ™‚

      1. I can’t swim so the raft might be a no-go for me personally.
        I really appreciate someone driving me to the shops or places which I am too fatigued to go to via public transport these days. But healthy people don’t think of these simple gestures like a drive down the coast or up to the National Parks etc. Even being taken to the supermarket and someone to carry the bags is an absolute treat to the elderly, housebound or disabled. I had a wonderful neighbour 2 years ago and we are still good friends. She lived in the apartment across the foyer and called out Hello every morning when she went out and was often asking me if I wanted to go to the plant nursery, market or even the local library. I really miss the freedom of having a car so that rain, hail or shine, I could always get out and about.

  8. David, your words leave me stunned every time I read them. Your Wisdom and ability to express the inner to the outer find amazement in me and such a feeling of awe for you. I also laughed out loud when I read …”They may need help with laundry or something-like plumbing
    where I could assist after a little guidance from a YouTube video.” … You mean you are not a plumber too as well as a word alchemist? Bless you, Dear Friend, for reminding all of us that the true Path to Happiness is Service. Bless you and Peace! ❀

    1. smiling to your kind, supportive words, Amy! it’s wonderful to help as much as possible. i have a plunger, but i understand when my offer to pull out the plumbers wrench are declined, before watching the videos πŸ™‚

  9. Beautiful images. Your kind energy will continue to find recipients. I just took a bus for one hour, out to the edges of Prague, to deliver a huge bag of rabbit food to a shelter. Had to try to explain to the lady in my bad Czech that it was a gift. Her face lit up when she understood. People forget the bunnies. Vesele vanoce, I said. Merry Christmas. I wore a smile on my face the entire ride home. Anyway, wishing you a luminous holiday, kind sir.

    1. thank you for this wonderful
      remembrance, JC!
      after a little food, water
      toothbrush and a blanket,
      other stuff needed
      not so much!
      wishing you special holiday
      time with loved ones πŸ™‚

      1. “Ring them bells ye Heathen.” And… “”For the chosen few who will judge the many”, my goodness, sure is a different song when I really listen!
        I remember listening to this album (Dylan’s version of this song, and of course he did write it, along with the other songs on the album) and thinking that Dylan had developed a Messiah Complex believing that he was the promised Jewish Messiah, and when no one called him the Messiah he returned to his Othodox Judaism. I can see why I thought that at the time, I never noticed the lines in this song that point to that delusion, oh well, it must be embarrassing to have one’s neurosis and or psychosis played out before the public. But people love him anyway, he’s a character and many of his songs are classics, the one about “the neighbourhood bully” is dreadful, but he’s an Israel first guy, and he has the right to his opinion, I guess, although to peddle it in a song when one is that famous, is questionable…

        Anyway, I got sidetracked by this song by the great Gordon Lighfoot, a Canadian treasure, for sure, and so I have not given your fabulous post the attention it deserves: Well said, David, and the photos are a compliment to your inspiring words.

      2. a wonderful review, Genie! didn’t think of the song when i wrote the post, but somehow Carol’s comment brought it to mind. i hear those spiritual bells potential awakening justice for all people, so-called chosen & un-chosen, for better or worse. i preferred Gordon’s performance. maybe sometime we’ll do a folk song blog. so many songs from which to choose πŸ™‚ yes, Dylan has been quite a character, over the past 55 years, unleashing many a lyrical truths & prophesies onto top 40 radio. and there are some songs worth not listening to. i’ll post the lyrics of this song below.
        thanks for your kind words, dear one. may your new day be warm and well, david πŸ™‚

        Bob Dylan – Ring Them Bells

        Ring them bells ye heathen from the city that dreams
        Ring them bells from the sanctuaries cross the valleys and streams
        For they’re deep and they’re wide
        And the world is on its side
        And time is running backwards
        And so is the bride

        Ring them bells Saint Peter where the four winds blow
        Ring them bells with an iron hand
        So the people will know
        Oh it’s rush hour now
        On the wheel and the plow
        And the sun is going down upon the sacred cow

        Ring them bells Sweet Martha for the poor man’s son
        Ring them bells so the world will know that God is one
        Oh the shepherd is asleep
        Where the willows weep
        And the mountains are filled with lost sheep
        Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
        Ring them bells for all of us who are left
        Ring them bells for the chosen few
        Who will judge the many when the game is through
        Ring them bells for the time that flies
        For the child that cries
        When innocence dies

        Ring them bells for Saint Catherine from the top of the room
        Ring them bells from the fortress for the lilies that bloom
        Oh the lines are long and the fighting is strong
        And they’re breaking down the distance between right and wrong

  10. Thank you for the present of calming breaths. And thank you for helping your older relatives and neighbors. My 85 year old father insists on living alone an hour away from me, so I know the value of good neighbors who help him out when I can’t be there. I took my 89 year old neighbor to the grocery store last month. At first she said, no to my offer – that she could take a taxi – but she gave in when I insisted. You’ve reminded me how important this is and to take her again soon.

    1. when you offer kind sharings I smile, JoAnna! bowing to your generous offering of time & energy. thank you for sharing the benefits given and received, that others will be encouraged to do what they can. πŸ™‚

    1. smiling to your kind sentiments, cindy!
      i acknowledge some beauty and peace within myself
      and certainly recognize those traits in you.
      thanks for sharing your
      little πŸ•― with me, david πŸ™‚

  11. Wow David… what an inspiring post upon my returning here today to read.. So many things here I needed to hear too.. πŸ™‚ Thank you my friend.. For this wonderful gift you shipped to my door today..
    I can honestly say I am… “Feeling better I hear seasonal jingle, jingles.”,,,, my friend..
    Thank you most kindly for the love you have shown and I send you and yours beautiful Christmas wishes, Have a wonderful family time, and I send you Peace and Love for 2017 and beyond..

    Love and Blessings πŸ™‚
    Sue xxx ❀

    1. smiling to your kind words & joyful presence, dear one!
      happy you are able to receive the post,
      shipped free, world-wide, not even a vat!
      may your days each be a most
      special holiday, with the loved ones
      or strangers who grace your presence πŸ™‚

  12. A beautiful reminder, David, of the power of the breath to carry such wonders upon its back, and of simple actions and pure thoughts to inspire and heal. We are truly blessed to have one another and to share this atmosphere we breathe with so many beautiful beings. The blue birds have stopped by, after fresh snow, to make a scene. πŸ™‚

    Peace and Love

  13. Thoughtful post! There are so many ways in which we can help if we only care to look. Wonderful pictures, as well. Happy Holidays. πŸ™‚

  14. Beautiful! Thank you….my nickname is Smiley….each new place….strangers…become friends/neighbors…Smiley is SURE to follow….and the moneyless gifts given back…I cannot count. But remember them allβ™‘

  15. The description and vividness in your writing is outstanding. It really highlights what mindfulness is all about, appreciating this current moment happening right now. Your writing was able to capture those moments. You also covered some very important topics that surround us daily, while maintains the serenity of the above piece. Well written and beautifully painted writing. May I ask if you were the one who took those pictures? They are outstanding in their own right. They really capture the moment literally 😁 They really highlight calm, peace and tranquillity.

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