Letters of Love Deluge O’er Me

Nothing can survive without food. Everything we consume acts either to heal us or to poison us. We tend to think of nourishment only as what we eat through our mouths; but what we consume with our eyes, our ears, our nose, our tongue, and our body is also food. ~Thích Nhất Hạnh, the Art of Communication

After Love's Deluge ~d nelson
After Love’s Deluge ~d nelson

We know that everything needs food
including our love;
the love burning inside
& our love over there.
Our sadness, also
will always linger if kept fed.

After Love's Deluge 3
After Love’s Deluge 3

Desiring use of kind, loving words
& practicing using such words
of love is a type of food.
Our volition, or deepest aspiration
is an important nutriment;
like downing a refreshing glass of water
quenching drought-induced thirst
within ourselves & the world.

rain letter
rain letter

Quite often it’s useful to write down
our words and meditate on them,
ensuring they are words we really mean.
Let heart’s expression freely flow.
Inspired words, conceived, written & rehearsed.
Writing love letters is a practice
of cultivating inner love & peace
instead of fear, anger or blame.
Our loved ones eagerly await such letters.

After Love's Deluge 2
After Love’s Deluge 2; flooded

We can also write love letters on topical issues
concerning ourselves, our community, our planet.
This helps us come from a place
of love & compassion and not despair or rage
when addressing issues as significant as survival.
Important concerns written clearly
with heartfelt, loving words can touch
hearts of our elected officials, civil servants & journalists.

Candy might be dandy
& floral expressions, divine.
But, upon receiving an emotional
deluge from your loving words,
imagine your dear valentine’s true smile.
Can you also, visualize the potential
heart opening affect
on even our most love
starved public servants.

peace letter
peace letter

Possible steps for writing a love letter (but do what feels right for you) :
1. Meditate for 20-30 minutes. Bring to mind what you want to write about, what moves you to write this letter. Bring to mind the person you’re writing to, what you love about them, what you’re grateful for, what moves your compassion for them.

2. Allow 30 minutes to write a love letter, sharing from the heart.

3. Ask a trusted friend to read the letter and reflect on it with you.

4. Wait a day or two. Re-read the letter. Revise if you see ways to make your love and compassion more clear.

5. Send your letter 🙂

An example love letter Here & Here, too

You already know the names of loved ones & friends.
Names & contact information of U.S.A. elected officials & current issues at these links:

This post inspired by current social and legislative events &
this song 🙂

87 Replies to “Letters of Love Deluge O’er Me”

  1. A lovely ❤ ❤ post with an alarming background. The change of climate is causing our habitats serious problems. We’re in Norway right now and we are having the warmest winter in 60 years. So sad!! Svalbard north of the Arctic Circle is the warmest place in Norway at the moment with +4° and rain, rain. A catastrophy for the arctic habitat. 😦
    The polar bears (and not only them) are suffering, no food for them when the ice melts.
    So, now I'm ready to write a peace letter and a love letter. 🙂 Too many floods …

    1. thank you, dear Dina for sharing this
      sad news of the arctic and the beautiful creatures there. i appreciate your understanding my message of listening to nature’s distressed calling. i believe non-USA countries and citizens are crucial to help guide the USA. may this be done in loving, but clearly stated letters and other right actions, david 🙂

    1. i think it’s possible, dear Hariod
      for those functioning on the higher
      registers of perception to receive
      metta’s loving intention.
      but for those of us less achieved
      it’s likely necessary to use explicit compassionate thoughts, & words expressed with love
      letters, and speech, and being physically present for peaceful actions 🙂

  2. Such needful suggestions and wise! My heart aches for those gone before and those who have drifted out of sight. It swells with gratitude for those still and now walking with me, including those I’ve never met face to face, my friend. 😊

    1. i’m grateful to you for invoking those
      who have gone before and through struggle, success & failure, show us the way in this life. may we find the words in our hearts to write letters to help ensure that a future is possible for all the beauty awaiting its manifestation 🙂

  3. It is hard to think that we will starve all parts of our being. It is true that as nature goes so do we in a big way. It’s time to start writing letters for everyone’s sake.

  4. Such profound insights, David, and very wise counsel. I have been pondering how to touch the hearts of those in power who appear to be heartless. Your suggestions have given me much to ponder. Chi miigwetch. ❤

    1. humbly smiling to these kind words, Carol! i’m happy it is worth pursuing. letters to those near and dear
      empower them to amass the quantity and quality of love necessary to
      transform this yuge ignorance & hate 🙂

  5. HL = huge “like” for your post, Sir… ❤ we all know that ignorance & lack of knowledge, info, culture, etc = the source(s) of all evils…
    * * *
    I love Thích Nhất Hạnh's wisdom, too… I've used some of his quotes @ my face-book page(Mélanie Bedos-Nicolas) this morning(here)… 🙂 my very best and friendly thoughts…

      1. both at my blog and at my face-book page, his quotes are in French and in English… 🙂
        * * *
        @my FB, this morning, I’ve chosen one by Matthieu Ricard – I’m sure you’ve heard of him… 🙂 speakin’ of flood-déluge:
        “L’eau – c’est la VIE… comme l’étoile filante, le mirage, la flamme, l’illusion d’optique, la goutte de rosée, la bulle sur l’eau, le rêve, l’éclair et le nuage – par conséquent, respectez toute chose.”
        * * *
        “Water is LIFE… like a shooting star, a mirage, a flame, an optical illusion, a dewdrop, a bubble in the water, a dream, a lightning-flash, and a cloud – thus, consider all things.”

  6. Oh dearest David, I am so relieved to know you are promoting Peace and Love. What a truly wonderful idea, writing Love Letters. I’m doing it. This world needs Loved, so much so. And the floods …. may they wash all the pain away to bring New Life. Bless you … Bless you! Together we can do this. I stand with your promoting Love and Peace. Amen!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. thank you for your loving
      relief, dear Amy!
      when i was young
      i had a t-shirt that said
      make pizza, not war!
      now i advocate for harmony
      whether we’ve eaten
      or not 🙂

  7. Looks like you have more than a little rain over your side of the world, David.
    Love letters are so inspiring and heart-warming.

    (BTW I’m reading Thay’s book, Silence – The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise, at the moment. He reaffirms my own thoughts of bringing some peace and quiet to everyday life. Thich Nhat Hanh is such an uplifting and inspiring teacher).

    1. yes, Vicki, lots, maybe record setting rain! For now drought, a lesser concern.
      thank you for offering me a kind letter, also. i’m glad you’re able to enjoy Thich Nhat Hanh’s books. The words are healing in themselves. Perhaps there’s a meditation group nearby that supports each other using his guidance and practice. Helpful to have friends who use the same loving speech and deep listening with each other. May your day be well 🙂

      1. Have researched meditation classes on the other side of the city, but not in the western suburbs since I moved here 5 months ago. Trouble is I don’t have a car to get home safely after a night class (which is when most kindred spirits meet).

  8. It does help to remember that many of our public servants are love-starved. And I love the love letters, especially the soft colors in the background.

    1. thank you for this sweet insight, JoAnna!
      as a retired federal worker i can verify
      that many do their best, while receiving unwarranted criticism and inadequate community support. may your day be filled with joy 🙂

  9. A well-timed reflection, my friend, as the commercial pressure of romance-obsessed Valentines Day is assailing us. How much sweeter and more meaningful to write letters in the way you describe to a variety of loved ones!

    1. thank you, dear Cate
      for spreading this wonderful message
      to free the love
      from corporate profiteers
      so that lovers can affect
      with sincere words
      from hearts, not wallets!
      wishing you a happy
      holiday 🙂

  10. What a beautiful way of expressing Love.. Each photo and each section dedicated with your wisdom throughout to express the essence of LOVE that so often we lack in our diets..

    I believe deeply that when we bring this missing ingredient back into All walks of our lives and living we shall then see a whole new recipe for integration, fairness and unity take shape.
    The ingredients are there… just waiting on the side for us to prepare and add to the pot..

    Like the rain.. Each drop separate.. Yet when enough fall we can flood the land that has been parched for too long.. Such is the power of LOVE..

    We are all of us I feel David on both sides of our ‘Pond’ projecting our hearts as we each do our rain dance..
    May it flood the hearts of those to quench their thirst.. For it is those who lack Love Who often replace it with their controlling and greedy ways..

    A beautiful well thought out post David..
    Sending Love right on back as it continues here to snow and Rain… 🙂
    Sue ❤

    1. smiling to these words of love
      raining down on all
      cleansing the dust and removing
      the veils that separate us from truth
      and nature which offer their love,
      i know we’ll keep doing our best,
      one love letter at a time,
      flooding inboxes of those we care about
      and those who need our guidance
      with compassionate lovingkindness, diligently. smiles, david 🙂

    1. smiling to your kind reflection, Sageleaf!
      wonderful recognition that consuming
      this planet with more mindfulness, insight & gratitude
      offers a love letter to the world
      and all the living things on it, david 🙂

  11. I used to be quite a letter writer back in the day. As a child I had pen pals and as I grew and moved away from my hometown I wrote letters back and forth to people, especially my grandmother. There is something about words written on paper, seeing a loved one’s handwriting, that is so special to me. As we have become a more tech driven society, I haven’t written many letters lately. What a lovely idea to start again… 😍

    1. smiling to your sweet, valuable reflection, crazyloveparent! some of us came of age long before computers. calling was nice, but often expensive. writing letters and cards was common. mine were not always so loving. now it’s wonderful revive the ancient art of hand crafted love, even if word processed. then send out beautiful intentions to loved ones and leaders in need of our compassion and guidance 🙂

    1. smiling to your warm tears
      of compassion that have
      become rain upon these
      dry soils, Ka!
      may your letters
      touch the love
      in those politicians
      they forgot they had 🙂

    1. thank you for your kind letter, susan!
      much of my life living on reservations in AZ i always hoped that those good people would get adequate, compassionate representation. hopefully some ethical opponents will step up and get grassroots support. maybe a love letter or two will help inspire some to run for office 🙂

    1. smiling to your touching letter, Lara/Trace!
      imagining a skillful writer
      such as yourself
      putting out letter of love
      that support those compassionately representing, and requesting the others to do the right thing, or step down 🙂

  12. Most of the government officials, journalists, politicians who sit in important positions have got there through crooked ways and pretty much bound by loyalty and also economically dependent on the people who helped them get there. They were made to sit there to make the lives easy of certain people. So neither they have the urge to do good things, nor they have the capability to do it, because they are clueless and undeserving. But I hope, once in a while something good enough happens that knocks on their inner conscience and makes them take good steps.

    1. thank you for sharing these truths, Mithai! having spent much of my life working for the federal govt i’m aware of the wholesome and unwholesome desires of having some amount of power. there are many working at all levels who care about themselves, and others. they need to feel supported, especially in these times of instability. fortunately there are courageous journalists and politicians, also. may we be peace and help others be that peace we wish the world to be, one calm breath at a time 🙂

  13. Always a treat to visit here, David. Thanks so much for the celebration of love and kindness. Our deluge in northern Calif. has subsided for a few days and the earth is soaking it up, I enjoyed the photos. And I especially enjoyed the Thich Nhat Hahn quote and The Who’s explosion of love. Love comes in many forms, doesn’t it?

    1. smiling in gratitude for your kind words, Jet! yes, the deluge has been nice up here, except where it’s not nice on damaged roads and flooded houses. Love somehow transcends and is with us 🙂

  14. David, a beautiful reflective post that weaves along the depths of various topics; I love your study on nutrition, feeding our souls not just with physical food but with all impressions around us and words particularly. Words matter, they can hurt, love, be kindness, persuasion, As you head towards troubled times I smiled at the beauty and simplicity of the rain letter, inspired by its playful joy and then can only applaud this peaceful thoughtful approach to national bodies, the quietest most gentle of protest. Words should always be considered, held with respect, uttered with thought of consequence. May their power touch their readers.

  15. Beautiful, David. I warm to the idea of sending loving words into the world. All our loved ones are indeed thirsty to hear what our hearts have on tap, which we release too seldom to work its healing magic. Your words both warm and inspire. May we live in our heart’s knowing, and share what we find there.


    1. i’m grateful for your find these words loving as intended, Michael. acknowledging that they are not always so, and that having kind reminders to rewrite when next opportunities present themselves are welcome. smiles, david

    1. thank you for the kindness, Bruce. lots of opportunities to write love letters these days; even doubting that they’ll be read. yes, the excess rain has gotten deep and muddy. i’ve personally stayed mostly dry, especially with rubber boots 🙂

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