Listening to the One Note

If you ask the cloud, “How old are you? Can you give me your date of birth?”
You can listen deeply and you may hear a reply. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

one note, skilled lesson ~d nelson

I’m so happy being able to still
hear sounds, whether beautiful or not!
Bursts of wave energies traveling
from another’s heart to my ears to my heart.

So, so long ago forebearers
picked up hand-made instruments
expressing what they felt
but could not adequately say any other way.

Some played naturally from intuition
while most practiced at least a little
if not diligently for a lifetime
in order to perform adequately.

one note, conducted

Perhaps we’ve heard names
of truly achieved masters,
or infamous composers & imposters.
Many players go un-named & unknown.

Despite all, together we’re hearing each other;
continuations of long ago’s songs!
We may be out of tune or atonal.
Yet, we can also be one beautiful melody.
May we resoundingly choose harmony
in the eternal key of interconnection.

On this weekend of gratitude,
wishing you enjoyment
& offering this accompanying symphony
performed by a kind, pianist friend & orchestra.


81 Replies to “Listening to the One Note”

  1. Thank you for this treat. I am also so happy to to still being able to hear the sound…..
    Music is the universal language, travelling from sound to heart without translations.
    Your verses and pictures give me so much pleasure as does Tjaikovskis music.

  2. A beautiful reminder of the magic of music to bring us together, David. This morning, my parakeet sang to the rising sun as he accompanied music from the South Pacific, as he does each morning. Sometimes my little dog joins in the healing power of song. Your photos and message help me imagine a world where voices and instruments are joined in joy and thanks-giving. Chi miigwetch. ❤

    1. visualizing such sweet south pacific singers
      & audience participation by all dear beings
      splashing, strumming, tweeting, howling,
      picking & grinning, dear Carol!
      i’m happy you came by to listen 🙂

    1. a wonderful memory of listening on TV
      to hits of the times & dancing, JoAnna!
      i was rather partial to Soul Train!
      wishing you happy songs
      to accompany your day 🙂

  3. David, I share the sentiments expressed by other readers. I was especially struck by the following verses:
    “May we resoundingly choose harmony / in the eternal key of interconnection.”

    When we as a species are finally able to grasp our “eternal interconnection,” harmony would no longer be the option of a few enlightened souls.

  4. David, this is a wonderful accolade to music…the yearning and need to make music has always been part of us as we strive to express emotions and thoughts when words fail us! Thank you for this uplifting post and the beautiful images…I smiled at the one with the drum on the bike – that’s dedication and commitment! Lovely musical interlude for us as well…perfect! 😀

  5. Gratitude for the sublime symphony that inhabits your Spirit.

    You know this post would be a great submission for my Sense-sational Challenge. If you want to include it, just say the word 🙂

    peace to you, Linda

  6. Thanks for sharing the images and music from an amazing weekend. I’m listening to Tchaikovsky piano concert – have 20 minutes more of robust joy. Now softer notes are reaching my ear. . . . . beautiful.

  7. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen my dada saw the kwestchun of how old the klowd is he went off to wikipedia or sumthing to find owt wen the innerwebs wer invented i think he is konfyoozd abowt wot kind of klowd yoo ar tawking abowt!!! ok bye

  8. What a delightful collection of notes too dear David.. So many wonderful people creating beautiful music with their instruments.. Music such an important vibration to help heal, soothe and restore harmonies in our inner selves..
    I am still trying to learn Guitar.. I have not picked it up recently, but I really must try harder, my hands are not as supple but I have yet to master some chords.. 😀 ..
    Many thanks David.. I so enjoyed.. We are indeed all part of the great symphony of life ❤ 🙂

    1. thank you for offering your bright sounds to the chorus, dear Sue!
      a 1 on 1 teaching might help you get some momentum. Elizabeth teaches piano at the local college.
      there are lots of lesson opportunities online now, also.
      you’ve inspired me to pick up my instrument and play 🙂

      1. yes you may be right there dear David.. My Daughters partner plays every instrument he touches well from piano to violin, to trumpet to guitar.. He makes it look so easy.. He gave me a few pointers, but has very little spare time or I would ask him for more one on one..
        And Yes, we should all play more whether it be our instruments, or just enjoying nature..
        Enjoy! all you do..
        Blessings Sue

    1. thank you for finding the cloud
      as intriguing as i, dear Ka!
      imagine, we’re at least
      just as new & old!
      after listening to Elizabeth practice
      that piece for weeks, it was wonderful
      to hear it with all the other instruments 🙂

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