We Are the Mural


together we are the mural ~d nelson

Speaking for myself, for the longest time
youthful buttons pressed,
some even before childhood,
seemingly pushed me, chronically;
to keep on truckin’ passed
supposedly known, or otherwise misperceived,
colorful, ordinary backgrounds.

Many difficulties later, after training to stop,
then, many more times stopping;
to be less busy,
I obtained glimpses of
spaciousness-yielding freedom.
Lots of stopping, conscious breathing.
Inner mud-to-lotus garden, blossoming glimpses.

Shape’s & color’s meanings reveal
when I recognize our relationship.
Moving slow, perhaps like an authentic self,
ancestors show themselves, at times, as creative art.
Whether they’re people, the plants, animals & earth,
all our relations, past, present & future, in-attendance.

With froglessness, a wishless stillness,
that which is going on inside
can be seen with mindfulness’ light shining.
Accumulated knots, once identified,
may be untangled & untied, oh joy!
This potential to remedy anxiety, anger, and more, is wonderful.
Start with aspiring to be free,
then actions expressed
which fuel happiness.

Have newly found expressions of yourself
been revealed on nearby murals?
Such a beautiful phenomenon
of our creative universe.

β€œOur most beautiful virtue
is the capacity to intentionally
be happy.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

76 Replies to “We Are the Mural”

  1. David, how beautiful! We ARE the mural, and ours, as of 6pm yesterday, depicts egrets and Saba palms and tan friends and neighbors as we get reoriented to our Florida home. 🌴🌺🌻🌞🐸 We are not frogless here, a huge one on the doorstep as we came back from dinner. We sold the PA house in record time and I drove us down here, and now we must adjust to this new mural of the landscape around us, dementia and all. And we pay our respects to John McCain, a true mensch even as we differed on some things, as we move about the day. Bless you, my friend. And may the Higher Power bless us all.

    1. thank you for your kind expression
      of understanding, dear Sunny!
      sounds like quite an effort,
      but glad hearing it was in record time.
      wishing you both bon appetite
      on your new diet of well-being with palm trees πŸ™‚

  2. This is such a beautiful post David… Indeed we are the Mural of life.. I loved the artwork you have shared here David.. No matter what colours we use in our creative experiences, we all of us will leave a lasting impression somewhere upon the canvas we have touched.. And if we are lucky we will have blended together new shades of friendships that harmonise in their stories.. So that others may one day walk in the future to look back at our creations for a new world in which we co-creators of the world had a vision..
    May the Vision of Unity never fade upon the canvas’s of our minds..
    Love and Blessings Dear David… Have a peaceful weekend.. ❀ Sue

    1. thank you for making my morning mural
      more expressively colorful & heartfelt, dear Sue!
      i’m happy we’re making art which may
      benefit those who see it, or not.
      may your day be a work
      of art πŸ™‚

    1. i’m happy you included the colorblind
      into our mural, Linda!
      so amazing what little shifts
      of wavelengths can do.
      may your day be filled
      with color.
      and here’s a colorful tune:

  3. Blessed are we when the creative art of our muralists can speak to our souls.
    Blessed are we when we refuse to allow our differences to sever our mural – the story of our shared humanity.
    Thank you, David, for sharing your reflections on what unites us ❀

    1. i’m feeling the blessing of your poetry
      reaching into our needing hearts, Rosaliene!
      there’s so much which unites us
      perceived or not, on these walls
      of color & shape.
      may your day be well πŸ™‚

  4. A beautiful reflection on what we are creating within and around us. Each of us is given a paintbrush to create the life we want and the last quote reminds us we all have a choice how this life mural Is expressed. Keep expressing your colourful kind self David! 🌈

  5. I love this post, David. The murals here offer so much beautiful diversity and your gentle words add a soft smile to my heart. To answer your question: Have newly found expressions of yourself been revealed on nearby murals? Yes! It has been my privilege to work on some community murals over the past couple of years. Working next to a variety of people, creating art as individuals that blended with the art of other individuals, felt like I was right where I belonged in the flowing design of life. I appreciate how your photos remind me of this experience and hope to do more mural painting.

    1. i’m impressed with your first hand experience
      creating murals, along with community
      making heart expressed art for the benefit of all!
      wishing you more fun creating visions πŸ™‚

  6. Murals, graffiti, street art, whatever one wants to call public art; it is a wonderful way of expression that can be enjoyed by people outside the confines of art gallery walls, and liven up neighbourhoods. Love your examples.

  7. Wonderful. It’s so nice to see it being appreciated like this – I’ve always had a soft spot for art made so public, so available, but it’s often taken for granted.

  8. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot a wunderful seereez of wurlds in those myoorals!!! happy peepul byootiful seenery and of korse dogs!!! becuz wots a byootiful wurld if it hasnt got dogs in it am i rite??? ok bye

  9. You are an inspiration, David. Tucson needs more murals/or I need to being a search – likely they exist. I skimmed my photo files to find just one. . .. nada! I did find the image of a large, large American flag made of shiny plastic with a yellow Corvette parked beneath. Somewhere in Alaska. That’s one, sort of.

    1. makes me happy that the murals give inspiration, susan!
      when i walk or cycle the murals seem to ask
      me to stop and take notice!
      it’s wonderful having time to stop and really look.
      happy mural hunting πŸ™‚

  10. Strikingly beautiful words and photos, David, and such an uplifting and colorful reminder of the art of being present. I love murals, really take pleasure in finding them, and you’re right, we are the mural. Peaceful and contemplative post, much appreciated.

    1. i’m smiling to your understanding of the artwork, dear Jet!
      so many colors & shapes available for those
      like you, who are available to them.
      thank you for adding beauty
      to the mural πŸ™‚

  11. David, these are wonderful … so vibrant and full of life! The creative energy is infectious and I almost expect some of the figures to step out into the streets! Amazing talent that lifts all our spirits!

  12. Thank you for this beautiful colorful display! I am working on my next blog post about the mural art festival in our city. It is such a joy to see our gray walls burst in colors πŸ™‚

  13. I love the idea of murals being the modern version of petroglyphs. The need to express ourselves is so ancient, so necessary to find that inner stillness that we all crave.

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