This is the Best I’ve Ever Eaten

plant-based mushroom rolls ~d nelson

Now, the best thing ever eaten
exposes electric experiences
of Heavenly tastes, textures,
scents. Sometimes
memories arise.

real sweets memories

Preferring plant-based food
to care for myself & mother earth.
All the nutriments this son
of the earth needs for survival.

earth’s jumbo burrito

But being truly hungry
humbled his-self’s appreciation
of whatever foods are offered,
as they’re all gifts of the universe.
Hands extended, & receiving.


Hearing of those who raised funds locally,
then purchased food to prepare,
bag and serve to any who present
themselves as in need of eating,
as I did & do, when required,
still brings me to my knees in gratitude.

  1. This food is a gift of the earth, the sky, numerous living beings, and much hard and loving work.
  2. May we eat with mindfulness and gratitude so as to be worthy to receive this food.
  3. May we recognize and transform unwholesome mental formations, especially our greed and learn to eat with moderation.
  4. May we keep our compassion alive by eating in such a way that reduces the suffering of living beings, stops contributing to climate change, and heals and preserves our precious planet.
  5. We accept this food so that we may nurture our brotherhood and sisterhood, build our Sangha, and nourish our ideal of serving all living beings. ~Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s 5 contemplations

Note: I’ll be on mindfulness meditation retreat in Oct. Look forward to reconnecting with WP friends by the end of the month. Wishing you happiness & well being, david.

70 Replies to “This is the Best I’ve Ever Eaten”

  1. How beautiful you have presented this David, both with poems and pictures.
    I am so in tune with all you say and admire the people who put all these meals together.
    I like Thich Nhat Hanh’s contemplations. He is a gentle and clever man.


  2. If we wasted less food, fewer people would be hungry. Just returned from five days in NYC. At Rue 57 I saw perfectly good baked goods tossed into the trash. NY has a law – whatever is ordered but not eaten (or even touched), out it goes. Thanks for your thoughts and photos.

    1. i’m happy you had some good eats
      on your journey, susan!
      quite sad that there’s actually laws
      preventing gleaning of healthy foods.
      may there be just laws for people
      and other living things πŸ™‚

  3. I’m fasting today so this post is making me wish tomorrow would come quicker so that I can eat some tasty food!
    Nice post, David, thanks for sharing.

  4. This is wonderful David.. Such a wonderful project to help feed those who are in need of a nourishing meal.. And the food looks delicious. I am sure that you and your team made many people very happy as you tickled their taste-buds and filled their stomachs.
    I am sure also many left that day feeling grateful for your efforts… And it reminds us who grow our own food, just how grateful we are to have that privilege.
    There really is no need for anyone go go hungry, if we all learned to share that which we have..

    Many thanks for Being YOU David… And long may you continue to help feed our souls with nourishing food of wisdom.. ❀

    1. thank you, dear Sue
      for your understanding!
      because i’ve been really hungry
      i can relate to those who
      are really in need of eating.
      may your day be well
      and meals be satisfying πŸ™‚

  5. hello smilecalm its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not no wot all of those fuds ar in the pikchers but if they ar the best yoo hav ever eeten i wood like to try sum!!! dada sez i cant hav enny of the choklit wun tho krool krool dada never letting me hav choklit!!! ok bye

  6. What a lovely thoughtful post.
    May all beings have enough.
    May people not use food to stuff their feelings, but rather take the more courageous path of feeling them and so becoming free of them.
    May people eat to live instead of living to eat.
    May we all find peace.
    Alison ❀

    1. thank you for sharing your blessings
      for those of us humbly sitting
      at the table
      grateful for what
      is offered, Alison!
      may your day be in beauty, david πŸ™‚

  7. Dear David,
    What a wonderful reminder about receiving the gifts we are offered each day. I am hungry just looking at that beautiful food prepared with love. That’s your secret ingredient–lots of love. Keep it coming!

  8. What a beautiful post, David, one that honors self and Mother. To know there are people who CARE and who reach out to those less fortunate …. bring both tears to my eyes and HOPE to my Heart. Your gentleness and peace are felt here. May your world continue to be so. Thank you for being who you are, dear friend. πŸ’–

  9. As a lifelong vegetarian (even as a baby I could not tolerate meat), I have witnessed the transformation of the world’s attitude to food. Where once I was gently mocked for my odd food choices, these are now the norm. Eating out is a pleasure with so many delicious choices. Your post is a beautiful reminder to be mindful of our food, our eating … I’m writing this whilst enjoying my morning break of banana with yogurt, honey and cinnamon. Reading your words I’m paying more attention than usual to the various elements, to the taste. Being thankful and lucky to have such options. Your part of the efforts to help others not so fortunate by buying and bagging food is heartwarming. David, a great post and one I aptly happened to read on World Vegetarian Day! πŸ˜€

    1. such kind reflections offered on a holiday, thanks Annika!
      how fortunate to have been born with instinctual insight
      of protecting life and caring for yourself & the earth.
      wishing you continued inspirations for yourself & others
      to stop and enjoy the gift of each bite πŸ™‚

  10. Hi David. After just reading a post on Nannette’s blog about use of animal products in fashion, I come upon this, thinking some of us are unwitting/unknowing allies, each doing our small part in our own way. A lovely post and a feeling of synergy with Nannette’s.

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