This, the Best Season of Your Life!

best season country lane ~d nelson

Spring’s natural freshness bloomed
curiosity from life’s brand-newness.

Everything seemingly warmed up in summer;
emboldened, proud, glories, defeats.

best season ridge-line ride

Letting autumn linger as long as it will
– pleasant days & nights
to calmly breathe
in graceful advance
of winter solstice.

Despite short bursts of regret & worry,
this present moment is wonderful .

(click for beautiful live seasonal sounds)

best season neighborhood

β€œTen thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t crowded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.” ~ Wu-Men

78 Replies to “This, the Best Season of Your Life!”

  1. Lovely post with precious reminders that all is well in the perfect now. Awesome photos too!

    Have you considered joining my blog challenge? Participation is way down this year and I would welcome your essence to the mix.

    Namaste, Linda

    1. i’m grateful for your insightful words, dear Linda!
      may your present moments continue being filled with light & wonder! i’ll take a look at your fun challenge
      despite my being challenged πŸ™‚

  2. So wonderful David, all the beauty you share
    It makes my heart sing.
    Your words all ring so true and honest to all seasons.

    “Despite short bursts of regret & worry,
    this present moment is wonderful . ”

    I love that and agree


    1. i’m grateful for your sharing
      the essence of this poem, Miriam!
      as it took quite some time
      to experience just short
      bursts rather than extended bouts.
      wishing you happiness
      in any moment πŸ™‚

  3. Autumn is my favorite season — invigorating and gorgeous! I always sense the tipping into Fall — weeks beforehand, usually on a warm, sunny day, don’t know what tells me, insect sounds? Aroma from vegetation? If I’m aware of the shift into other seasons, I don’t really notice.

    1. i’m happy hearing of your favorite
      season being right now, JoAnn!
      this warm, Indian summer weather
      feels familiar, yet, is new again.
      wishing you happy moments πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! Stunning autumn photos, David and peaceful thoughts for the season … I feel a quiet hush descending upon me! Thank you for Four Season link and look forward fo listening over dinner.

    1. i’m happy knowing you’re enjoying
      your best season along with me, Annika!
      tonight my partner rehearses this piece
      and you get to hear an amazing performance,
      cheers, david πŸ™‚

  5. David, you give us a beautiful perspective in every season. I raked autumn leaves in Massachusetts for 12 years – all those beautiful colors. A lovely reminder of crisp fall air and blisters.

  6. Charlee: “We’ve only seen a few of each season so far. I’m not sure which one we like best.”
    Chaplin: “I like the one with more birds flying around.”
    Charlee: “I like the one with more butterflies and moths.”
    Chaplin: “Basically we like any season when there are things moving that we can stare at.”
    Charlee: “Thank you for coming to see us and for your kind words after Dennis went to the Rainbow Bridge. It meant a lot to us.”
    Chaplin: “And to Mama and Dada too.”
    Both: “And Dennis told us to tell you, ‘ok bye’.”

  7. This was my favorite …. “Despite short bursts of regret & worry, this present moment is wonderful.” THANK YOU, David. Your pictures are just so moving and beautiful. Another thank you!! πŸ’

  8. Brother David, Seeing your photos nourishes the longing for beauty, gentleness, and wonder in me.
    Grateful to meet you here,

  9. Such beautiful colors! And the music is a delightful addition. “Despite short bursts of regret & worry, this present moment is wonderful.” Yes, that about says it all.

  10. Beautiful meditation on the passing of seasons. They all have their unique beauty and lessons, but somehow it’s autumn that makes us remember this.

  11. Thank you for this beautiful post, David. ‘Unnecessary things’ are overwhelming at times, but I like ‘the best season of my life’ anyway πŸ™‚
    Your photographs are stunning!

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