Our Cloud Never Dies

cloud is us ~d nelson

From highest high peaks
towards street level & lower
our cloud continues, falling,
dancing, splashing, sustaining life,
steadily settling into calm clarity.

Recognizing our cloud, within
proffers insightful glimpses:
nature’s cycles persisting
as they always have;
inter-playfully patient & wise,
manifesting of elements,
energies & unknown;
all when conditions
are just right.

Isn’t it a miracle being here
& now across space & time
with you, my friend?
Smiling to breathed replies.

“A cloud can become snow, or hail…or rain. But it is impossible for a cloud to pass from being into non-being. And that is true with your beloved one. She has not died. She is continued in many new forms. And you can look deeply and recognize herself in you and around you.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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